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FyroSole Foot Warmer and Heated Insoles

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

FyroSole Foot Warmer and Heated Insoles

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

The Heated Insoles for Warmer Feet this Winter!


Keep your feet warm this winter with the FyreSole heated insoles! Winter care for the foot can be embodied in one product – the heated insoles. The cold can be relentless to the feet. Having heated insoles can save your feet from feeling cold, muscle stiffness, joint pain, and even getting uncomfortable outdoor trips during winter!

If you want to fully enjoy the outdoors during the colder days, and if you want to provide added protection for your feet, having the FyreSole for the cooler days is a must!

Product Features:

  • The warmest, most comfortable heated insoles in the market. The heated insoles are made of soft EVA material and memory foam cushion. Every step is comfortable – you won’t have to worry about uncomfortable and sloppy heated soles!
  • The heated insoles are easy to customize! You can easily cut the 5-mm thick heated insoles to cater to your preference! This feature makes the FyroSole ideal for both men and women!
  • The product that provides the perfect temperature for winter! The heated insoles can heat up to 58-degrees Celsius. The temperature is ideal for the winter. The levels are also adjustable so that you will have various heating levels for different needs.
  • The heated insoles you can easily control with remote control! Choose the heat level easily with a remote controller! No need for wires or special settings. With a handy remote control, you can tune the heat based on your preference. 


  • Includes batteries that you can charge! With a fully-charged battery, you can enjoy up to 120 minutes of warmth! You won’t have to worry about electric wires.
  • 100% safe to use. The insoles include a protector from the heat so you won’t run the risk of getting burned or electrocuted. 

How to Use:

  1. Ensure that the heated insoles are fully charged.
  2. Place the insoles inside boots and shoes adequately.
  3. Turn on, and choose among the three levels of heat.

Size Chart

  • 4.5-9.5:insole length: 10.61in/26.96cm
  • 8-13:insole length:12.17in/ 30.92cm

Packcge Include

  • 1 * Heated Insole
  • 1* Wireless Remote
  • 1 * Charging


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
vanessa C. Reed
Perfect for steel your boots, they WORK great!!

My husband loves them, was skeptical at first but was extremely happy when he used them the first time!! Very worth the money !! The remote control is also pretty great and they recharge in a couple hours for the next day. Perfect for someone that wears steel toe boots.

Maude D. Hanna
Fantastic to wear on hardwood floors while doing computer work

These are high quality insoles that charge up easily and have saved my feet from chill during work hours sitting at a computer with hardwood floors. I imagine I will take them skiing when the time comes. Works better than wool socks or rugs to keep my feet warm. Love the 3 settings and the remote to turn them off when needed. The heat is under the ball of the foot only, which is plenty for me.

randolph K. hamlett
Great bang for the buck

First, I would say these are very high quality. I got these for my wife.She says they very comfortable and kept her feet warm all day. She also has some electric socks because her feet get cold, but this is nice when she has something on (dress/skirt) and doesn't want a sock showing. She isn't hunting or tromping around the snow, but for her toes not to hurt when it's cold is a big deal.

minnie T. James
Warm insole for winter. remote control is good

I bought it for my 84 year old mother for her daily walking around the neighborhood.

The material is high density and relatively soft. It’s thick not like the regular insole. It’s flexible enough to push them into her ankle boots.

She has been using it every time when she going for a morning walk. It should be a big help for her morning walk this winter.

It takes a couple of minutes to get warm. The temperature can be adjusted. She currently (late fall and early winter) uses low heat level and doesn’t need to be charged in a week because she going outside walking about 30 minutes a day. According to the instruction, if it’s high heat level, it might need to be charged every day.

The remote control is a great idea. It’s convenient to adjust or turn off without touching the insoles.

Kelvin K. grace
Exactly what I needed for Iceland

I am a footwear designer and was travelling to Iceland in the winter and these worked perfect and as expected. You have to cut out the footbeds to size which is easy to do thanks to the sockliner graphic which tells you where to cut for what size. There is no contour on the footbed so they wont be as comfortable as the footbed that came with your shoe which you will have to replace with these otherwise it will be too snug. it worked really well and kept my feet toasty and warm. From the looks of it, it looks like it could be fake or just not work at all but that is not the case. These things were a lifesaver.