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XerxoWarm Rechargeable Heated Insoles for the Winter

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

XerxoWarm Rechargeable Heated Insoles for the Winter

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Wrap Your Feet in Our Heated Insoles, and You Won’t Have To Deal With Cold Feet Again!

Have you ever felt like winter is extra tough on your feet? When the temperature drops, our feet can take a beating. Our feet can experience pain, terrible muscle sprains, and achy joints. Increased cold exposure can stop us from truly enjoying the fun and adventures of the outdoors! *gasp!*

The good news is that there’s XerxoWarm – heated insoles designed to replace every cold step with a warm, snuggly, toasty feeling. You won’t have to deal with the beating of the cold anymore. With the XerxoWarm heated insoles, you can enjoy every winter without dealing with cold in every step!

The Heated Insoles That Feature the Latest in Heating Technology

Unlike other heated insoles, our product provides heating technology that uses the safest, high-tech micro-wires and premium lithium-ion batteries with premium heat control that can efficiently melt the ice in seconds. The heated insoles also have a higher heat temperature to 100% eliminate any cold coming into your shoes.

Rechargeable Heated Insoles for Any Type of Winter Activity

Whether you’re shopping outdoors or engaging in a fun winter adventure, you can use the XerxoWarm to keep you going. Not even the cold can stop you from using your feet in multiple winter activities! The fun thing about the XerxoWarm is it’s not only effective in giving warmth to your feet; it’s also 100% customizable, so you can efficiently place it inside your boots and shoes with ease!

The Best Heated Soles for Winter Sports

Whether you go skiing in Jackson Hole, or hitting up a local sledding hill, the XerxoWarm has got you covered! These heated soles can help you enjoy your winter activities more!

XerxoWarm Features

  • The heated insoles are made from high-quality materials! The XerxoWarm features soft and comfortable EVA stretch material that is light, elastic, soft sole, and has good cushioning. The heat is efficiently distributed throughout the feet to promote better blood circulation.
  • You can easily customize it for your boots and shoes! Worried about your size? Worry no more. The XerxoWarm has a size that can be easily be customized based on your foot size. The XerxoWarm is both for men and women. The XerxoWarm can be trimmed to fit 2 sizes – medium and large.
  • Heated insoles that are rechargeable! You won’t have to worry about the longevity of these heated insoles. The XerxoWarm can be charged via USB. The quick charging feature of the XerxoWarm makes this a perfect pair for winter travels!
  • A safe and reliable choice! The mesh is conveniently connected to a leg attachment strap. You can move all you want without worrying about the heated insoles moving.
  • Perfect for multiple uses! The XerxoWarm is great for multiple winter sports activities. Hop into an adventure like skiing, hiking, fat biking, trekking, sledding, and so much more without worrying about getting cold feet!

XerxoWarm Specifications

  • Inner Sole Fabric: EVA Stretch fiber
  • Temperature: 40-50 degrees, depending on the environment
  • Voltage: 5V 2A

Size chart

  • M:size:4-8.5,insole length: 9.05-9.8in/230mm-250mm
  • L: size:7-11,insole length: 10.03-10.8in/ 255-275mm
    ( You can cut according to your own level of comfort and size)

Package Includes

  • 1 pair x Rechargeable Heated Insoles
  • 1 pc x USB Charging Cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Gregory S. Vaughn
You will love it.

Works really well. This was a life saver when out hunting in 8 degree farenheit temperatures. Had them on low and my feet were nice and warm, turned them up a few times but it was too hot. The battery life was decent as well at least 6 plus hours and charges quickly so that I could use them again a second time when going out.

peter F. Snodgrass
Warm Feet!

These were a great find. I spend 2-3 hours a day outside in whatever Wisconsin throws at us for winter weather. They keep my entire foot warm, an upgrade to the stick-on toe warmers I usually use, that just keep my toes warm.The adjustable levels of heat is useful. I can turn up the heat in really cold weather.

Kenneth F. Lopez
Cold feet a thing of the past

Use these for hunting. I slipped them under my existing arch supports. I used these during one of the coldest all day hunts of the year. I have never been ble to sit a full day with warm feet until now. Batteries lasted more then a full 6 hour day on medium setting. If you suffer from cold feet during outdoor activities these are for you.. I feel they were a better choice then socks.

Mary J. thrasher
Wonderful product.

Hubby got me these because my feet are ALWAYS cold. I wore them today on low. Oh my goodness. My feet were comfortable. Not hot but comfortable. I used them for 4 hours. When I got home the batteries were still half full. I'm in love.

Update: I'm in my second winter of using these. I STILL love them!

Richard T.ericson
Great product

These work great but if your feet are already cold , they won’t warm them up quickly , I use these while hunting in tree stand , I turn them on soon as I get setteled in & they do a great job of keeping my feet warm . Don’t wait till feet are cold then turn on , turn on before feet get cold . Batteries seem to last good while , overall I am pleased with these