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AvaTemp Remote Control Heated Insoles with Arch Support for Men and Women

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

AvaTemp Remote Control Heated Insoles with Arch Support for Men and Women

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Your Feet Will Constantly Feel Snug and Warm with the AvaTemp Heated Insoles!


Why You Need Heated Insoles

When winter comes, the cold can be relentless on our feet. Every step can be excruciating, uncomfortable, and just hard to take. What better way to make your winter experience 10 times better than to keep the feet warm, snuggly, and comfortable all the time? This is what the AvaTemp is for. The pair of heated insoles will give your feet the ultimate comfort you can enjoy while you’re plowing the snow outdoors.


Why AvaTemp?

Made with the precision like no other, the AvaTemp is a heated insole that can truly stand the intensity of the cold during the colder days. The heated insoles from AvaTemp now come with a higher heat output and a larger heating surface, so you won’t feel like the product is skimping on you when it comes to providing heat to your feet.

The long-lasting 2200 mAh battery, which now comes with the AvaTemp, assures that you’ll get all the heat promised by these heated insoles!

AvaTemp Features

  • The AvaTemp Gives The Best Heat Temperature for your Insoles. The heated insoles can heat up to 158-degrees Fahrenheit. The heated insoles feature ideal ranges that are perfect for anyone – from someone who just wants mild heat to the one who wants to go all out with warmth!
  • Conveniently Control Your Insoles with a Remote Control! If you need to adjust the heat in your insoles, all you need is to operate with one touch of a button! The remote-controlled heated insoles can make adjusting the temperature on your soles easier!
  • The AvaTemp Comes With Adjustable Temperature Electric Insoles. The heated insoles come with three different heat levels. The high level can last up to 2.5-3 hours at 149-158-degrees Fahrenheit. The medium setting can last up to 4.5 hours at 131-140-degree Fahrenheit. The lowest setting can run up to 7 hours at 113-122-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The Heated Insoles with Powerful 2500 mAh Battery! Nothing’s more frustrating than not getting the full benefit of your heated insoles just because the battery can’t handle the pressure. There’s none of that with the AvaTemp. These durable heated insoles can 100% deliver, thanks to its 2500 mAh battery!
  • The Most Comfortable, Feet-friendly Heated Insoles! The electric heating insole is designed with medium arch support which means you can add the heated insoles to your shoes without worrying about added stress to your feet. The design of the heated insoles can provide support and reduce stress on the foot, allowing you to walk more comfortably.
  • Unisex, Customizable Heated Insoles! The AvaTemp can be cut and designed to fit your feet in a customized manner. The design of the AvaTemp can fit both male and female feet.

Size chart

  • Women’s size: 4-9.5, insole length: 9.09-10.39in/23.1-26.4CM
  • Men’s size: 8-13, insole length: 10.6- 12in/ 27.1-30.5CM

( You can cut according to your level of comfort and size. You can customize according to your preference.)

Package Include

  • 1*heated insoles
  • 1*charger
  • 1*charging cable
  • 1*remote control
  • 2*2200 lithium battery
  • 1*Instruction

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
jerold Bolton
Comfortable heated soles

The remote works great, the heat range (3 different settings) keep your feet warm under any condition. I live in Denver and commute every day by bicycle. These keep my feet as warm as I choose. The charge via USB which is very convenient.

Johnnie alexander
Insoles work well

Heated Insoles with a Remote are perfect for standing outside in winter or cold warehouses. They work well, as long as you remember your settings. Multiple ways to control give you options. They are comfortable to wear.

Yolanda cody
Changed the way I felt

I bought these to put in my boots that I wear to football games in wisconsin winter. Standing on concrete for 3 hours, your feet will get cold. I’ve tried numerous combinations of shoes, boots and socks but nothing really worked. I decided to give these a try and have been very happy. This product made a significant difference in my comfort level. I learned about these insoles from a friend who has a consistently cold floor and she uses them in her slippers - they were Christmas present she couldn't stop raving about !

Jane D. kurtz
really gets hot

These are the best heated soles I've ever had. They actually get hot. Really hot. I use them at 50% at 10 degrees and they work great. I only use the 100% when I'm out and have let me toes go numb then warm back up. I'm still figuring out how I like to use them to make the battery last the longest. However at this time they are well worth the money hopefully they prove to last a long time.

Gary S.peters
Raynauds relief

I've suffered for Raynauds for several years and while at work has been the worst. I work in an area where my feet are always cold. My toes go numb for hours and then after, hurt pretty bad. I have been using these every work day for 3 weeks and they have been a blessing! I have found that even the lowest setting is enough to combat my symptoms. They also stay charged all day! I've had them on for 12 straight and they were still on! LOVE THEM!