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PrixHit Heated Insole With Remote Control

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

PrixHit Heated Insole With Remote Control

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

When Temperature Drops and Your Feet Get Chilly and Achy- Prixhit Heated Insoles Are Your Best Remedy.


With the extreme cold and unpredictable temperature, your regular insoles that keep your feet warm may never be enough anymore. That is why it’s high time to set it aside and give PrixHit heated insoles a try.

PrixHit heated insoles are a great way to keep your feet warm and toasty in freezing weather during winter. Shaped just like the regular shoe insoles, this heated model comes with a safe carbon fiber casing, rechargeable batteries, and remote control that makes your life easier and adjusts it so much faster. It is so easy to use and extra convenient to bring- making it a great addition to your winter adventures.

What Are the Benefits of Prixhit?

  • PrixHeat made extra comfy with carbon fiber casing on its batteries– You might be asking what’s the difference will it make? Carbon fiber is a popular material in sporting equipment because it’s lightweight and durable. That is why we also incorporated it into our heated insoles to provide extra comfort and safety to its user. 
  • It has a micro USB port for fast and convenient charging- Made with a USB port, PrixHit will have no issues while charging. Either wall charging or connecting it with a power bank, it will automatically charge as long as you have the correct USB cable at hand. 
  • The heated soles automatically turn off when charging- You don’t need to worry if PrixHit is charging or not, as it automatically turns off whenever you charge. It also has a red LED light indicating that it’s charging and a blue LED light if it’s fully charged. 
  • Its improved design made using simpler and so much faster– a previous version of this device had to be held down for 10 seconds before you could use the remote mode. But, with its new and improved design, you can use the manual and remote modes with ease. 
  • PrixHit has an easy to trim insole for a perfect and comfortable fit– Are you worried that you might get the wrong size? Don’t worry! This heated insole has room for adjustments. These heated insoles have measurements that you can cut depending on your feet’ length. 
  • Test it to prove it! Unless you try them, you will never know and can never tell how effective these heated insoles are. Put these to the test and experience the warm and toasty feeling like never before. 



  • It has a rechargeable Lithium Battery and Remote.
  • It can maintain a warm temperature for up to 12 hours
  • With three temperature settings- up to 131° F/ 55° C
  • It warms up in less than 30 seconds
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to turn on with the use of remote control

Size Chart

  • M:3.5-6.5
  • L:7-13

Insole Use Instructions:

  1. Before putting the insole, press and hold the switch for 3 seconds, the LED indicator will be on, and the red light will be turned on, indicating high temperature.
  2. Press the LED blue light again to light up, indicating medium temperature.
  3. Press again, the green LED light is on, indicating low temperature. The red, blue, and green lights indicate the high, medium, and low temperatures.

Remote Control Operation

  1. Press the remote control H/ON to turn on the high temperature.
  2. Press the remote control M to turn on the medium temperature.
  3. Press the remote control L to turn on the low temperature.
  4. Press the off button on the remote control to turn it off.

Package Includes:

  • 1 Pair of Rechargeable Heated Insole With Remote (built-in battery)
  • 1 Wireless Remote
  • 1 Dual-head USB Charging Cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
John L. Klein

I use the heated insoles for my ski boots. They keep my feet warm in the Rockies! I am vey happy with the insoles.

laura Pack
No more cold feet for me!

First I have to say the remote is very clever design. My feet always cold in the morning and I use to put heat pad inside my shoes to keep my feet warm, now I can use this. Turn it on few minutes before you wear you shoes, so can have warm feet right away.

Brianne santos
Good stuff

I purchase this for my husband, he usually working outdoor all the time. This insole It rechargeable, it work with 3 mode. And i am shock it really work. For this winter, I am sure my husband is not going to have cold sore feet again!

douglas counts
I like it!

This product heats up very quickly and I love the remote attached to the cord. warmer is perfect! Because my feet away cold, during the cold winter months, the circulation in my feed is very poor . When I have it on , which is adorable . I recommend this to anyone.

Eugenia daniel
Clever Insoles!

This is a super clever idea. During the cold and icy winter months this product will become very useful. I've already used it on cool mornings both relaxing and during crisp/cold early mornings. I can't wait to use these while skiing this winter. The Insoles are super easy to use, intuitive, and are perfect for people who love cozy warm feet. Easy to recharge. Thank you!