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ParvaFlex Electric Neck and Shoulder Shiatsu Massager

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ParvaFlex Electric Neck and Shoulder Shiatsu Massager

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Your All-Around, Portable Massager!

A handy, portable massager you can reach to while you’re at home, in the car, or in the office. Made for flexibility, the ParvaFlex knows that relieving muscle pain and strain is a need on-demand.

ParvaFlex is a trailblazer in the field of portable massagers. The flexible, all-around design of this neck and shoulder shiatsu massager delivers convenience like no other – you can soothe your throbbing muscles, and exhausted body with the ParvaFlex. With improved massage features that penetrate deep into the muscle, you can have the benefits of a spa in the comforts of your own personal space.



  • Strong percussion and deep massage, helps to sooth your muscles and relieve fatigue, pressure and pain. The ParvaFlex offers 8 different deep-kneading modes and styles to address all types of muscle aches and pains.
  • Includes a 3D Rotation Massage Style. You won’t be getting a massage in one direction – the 3D massage design enables a holistic massage experience. You will feel like multiple hands are massaging you!
  • Four buttons for different levels. The massager includes four buttons – low, mid, hard, super hard – for your various massage preferences.
  • Can be used in your neck, shoulder, waist, etc. This all around massager can cater to different pressure and pain points.
  • Cape design can release hands. No need to use your hands to make the massager work.
  • Ergonomic design to better fit your body curves. Molds into your body for better massage delivery.
  • 15 minutes auto timing. Enjoy a 15-minute massage whenever you want it.
  • Concise design and exquisite workmanship.


Type: Neck and Shoulder Massager
Material: PU Leather
Adjust Strength: 3 Mode Speed
Auto Timing: About 15 Minutes

Please Note:

1. It is recommended not to exceed 15 minutes when you use the Massager on the same part.
2. When not in use, turn off the power and unplug it.
3. Do not use while bathing and do not put the product in water.

Package Content:

1* Shoulder Massager
1* Manual
1* Car Power Cord
1* Power Adapter

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
John Philpot
Worth every penny!

Love this for so many reasons...easy to use, great for relieving the everyday stress we carry in our upper (neck) and lower back.

Patricia Cowan
good choice to buy this massager

This massager is very convenient to use. It has two adapters that can be used in the room and in the car. It is easy to operate by pressing the button on control button. In one word,it is good choice to buy this massager.

Charlie Gonzales
Great massager

The handles are made of soft, supple leather-like material that is very comfortable. The massage is very thorough and deep. I like that it comes with two chargers. The shape makes it versatile and for more than just shoulders (hello lower back!!)

Kimberlee Colby
Great massager for full back

Wow! I don't know what we did without this. It works so well. It is very easy to use, the cord is long enough to sit in your favorite chair, and the reversing function feels great. We also really like how you can use it to work over your lower back as well. Super functional. Awesome product.

George Ray
Great for tension headaches

I have migraine headaches and a lot of tension from family situations which usually start in my neck. This massager helps right away and helps relax my muscles.