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CigaDu 0.25” /0.31” Fully Automatic and Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine with Tightness Knob

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

CigaDu 0.25” /0.31” Fully Automatic and Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine with Tightness Knob

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Make Your Own Premium Fresh Cigarettes at Home with the CigaDu Automatic Rolling Machine 

Save Money and Get Better Tasting Cigarettes! 

Using the CigaDu cigarette rolling machine can make the process of rolling cigarettes faster and more efficient. This is especially useful for people who roll a lot of cigarettes at once, such as those who roll their own cigarettes to save money or for personal preference.

CigaDu Can Give You: 

✅ Fresher cigarettes

✅ More sticks for less the price

✅ Quicker cigarette folding

✅ Up to 100 sticks in one go!

✅ Even, well-folded cigarettes.

CigaDu Cigarette Rolling Machine Features

Comes with a Spring-Roller Ejector

Now, you don’t have to worry about getting your fingers caught in the machine while you’re rolling your cigarettes. The spring-roller ejector makes cigarette making seamless.

Includes a Tobacco Holder So You Won’t Have to Manually Put It

The 0.25” /0.31” Fully Automatic Cigarette Rolling Machine has a hopper that holds up to 100g of tobacco at a time, which allows you to make an unlimited number of cigarettes without having to refill it again. It also has an auto-feeder system that automatically feeds the tobacco into the machine whenever you need it.

Incredible Speed Helps You Make Multiple Sticks in One Go

If you want to make as much cigarettes as you want without the time consuming and expensive processes, you can trust the increased speed of the CigaDu! You can make up to 100 cigarettes in one sitting.

Can Make Two Sizes of Cigarettes for All Types of Cigar Lovers

The CigaDu allows you to make two sizes of cigarettes – 0.25” size and 0.31” size.

Comes with an Adjustable Knob to Help You Set Cigarette Tightness

You can adjust the tightness of your cigarettes according to your preference. Pack up tight cigarettes!

Built for Producing Cigarettes — It’s Extra Durable!

The cigarette folding machine is made of aluminum alloy to ensure that your cigarette folding machine can last for a long, long time.

How to Achieve Professional Cigarettes at Home. :

Rotate the tobacco rolling paper or the put rolling tube tightly on the feeding tube. Among rolling, use your finger to Push the Roller Tube Back Towards to the Direction of the rolling direction. Which brings much tighter cigarette roll and avoid cherry fall.
Adjustable Tightness Knob: This knob has two kinds of usage.

  1. Keep turning the knob clockwise to download the rolling tube, turn counterclockwise to upload the rolling tub;
  2.  Turn to choose a tightness as to your prefer.
    Fit All Kinds of Tobacco: Please kindly cut the tobacco into small pieces to avoid stuck and not working. The tobacco should be 80% dry and avoid stems to achieve a better performance. It’s a must-have home use cigarette rolling device for cigarette lovers.

Packcage Include

  • 1*cigarette rolling machine