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WallZpot Mini Body Cam with 4K Quality and 1080 HD Capacity, Uninterrupted Loop Video, 170-degree Lens Angle, 1080P Sensor

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WallZpot Mini Body Cam with 4K Quality and 1080 HD Capacity, Uninterrupted Loop Video, 170-degree Lens Angle, 1080P Sensor

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



The Handy Body Cam with Professional Camera Quality, Wide Range Coverate at 170 Degrees, Uninterrupted and Smooth Loop Video

Mini Body Cam That’s Big On Capturing Fine Details Even in the Dark!

Capture critical details wherever you are with the WallZpot body cam.

The WallZpot is trusted by law enforcement officers and security professionals. It’s handy, durable, easy to pin in bags and armors, and come with stellar recording capacity. 

Different than the traditional body cams in the market, the WallZpot is able to pack an HQ camera that can record 1080 HD videos, an infrared light for night recordings, wide-angle lens, and a powerful battery that lasts up to 8 hours. 

If you want to arm yourself with an equipment that serves as your extra pair of eyes while you do your police or security job, the WallZpot is for you.

👉 Why Choose WallZpot Body Cam? 

✅ It’s designed for security and law enforcement use.

✅ It’s portable and easy to attach on to clothes, body armor, and bags.

✅ The camera comes with a wide-angle lens that capture more so you won’t miss important details.

✅ Night vision and infrared features make nighttime recordings useful.

✅ The battery lasts up to 8 hours when fully charged.

✅ Supports loop video.

WallZpot Body Cam Features:

  • Back clip design + portable build that makes it easy for you to attach the camera into your bags, armored gear, or shirt.  The WallZpot won’t easily fall off and it won’t require any special clothing for you to keep it steady in your body.
  • Wider camera lens that ensure you will capture more details useful for surveillance and evidence. Details are everything if you’re in security and law enforcement. The WallZpot comes with a 170-degree lens surveillance capacity so you won’t miss any details.
  • Nightvision and infrared lights make videos and images captured in the dark clearer. The WallZpot includes a night vision setting and infrared light so even the details you captured in the dark can still be usable.
  • Supports loop video — smooth recording guaranteed. If you are particular with capturing all the details without any hiccups, the seamless loop video of the WallZpot is for you. You won’t have to stop and re record. Once the record feature is on, you can be sure you’re capturing enough.
  • 1080HD camera capacity so you will see clearly any important detail. All the surveillance video and body cam recordings will be useful. No recording will be rendered useless with the HQ camera quality.
  • Waterproof and dust-proof integrated molding. Solid shell, waterproof and dust-proof.
  • Long lasting battery — lasts up to 8 hours when fully charged. No more worrying about your recording getting cut midway.
  • Applicable scenario: Carry it with you to meet various use needs. Superior performance and durability.


Video format: MOV
Picture format: JPEG
Viewing angle:170°
Resolution of video:4K HD
Resolution: 240 * 320
Memory Card: Up to 256GB(NOT INCLUDED)
Battery capacity: 1800mAh
Product Size: 78x55x31mm/3.07×2.17×1.22inn

Packing List:

  • 1*Body Cam
  • 1*USB Cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Winifred smith
Just what I needed.

I'm a real estate photographer and I wanted a camera to record my visit to each listing for insurance reasons. This is exactly what I needed. The battery life, picture, audio is on point.

Michael K. Boston
Amazing personal protection!!

I have unfortunately had to use this device as a shield against some people who say I did things that were not true. Without it they would’ve been believed but not any more. It’s the best form of insurance for cover your a**. The night vision is phenomenal, audio quality is great as well.

Mack bennett
Works Great! Has kept harassing behavior at bay.

I purchased this for my personal protection. I was being falsely accused of various things prior to me using this device. This has solved that problem 100%. Now I have video evidence if further assaulted, harassed, or accused. It's pretty sad when I have to use a body camera to do my job for protection, but this device is wonderful, and I'm under a lot less stress now because of it. I occasionally use it when I go out to jog for personal protection as well.

Mack bennett
Very Solid and Well Made Body Cam! I Trust It Every Day!!

The video quality is great and the camera is very durable! It has been through storms, it has been dropped more times than I can remember, been struck multiple times, etc... I'm sure you can imagine what this camera has been through. Not sure I could tear it up if I wanted to. This thing just keeps on working like the day I bought it!

Michael Walker
Great camera

I will start with I have not had this product very long and I have only used it a handful of times. For the times that I have used it it worked very well. Used a few times at work, at home, and on the range. Each time I have used it in the daylight and at night time and I think the picture quality and audio quality is good and good enough if you need to replay your video and get identification of someone.