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TwinkoNaut Mini Galaxy Projector and Star Night Lamp with 8 Nebula Options,Star Projector

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

TwinkoNaut Mini Galaxy Projector and Star Night Lamp with 8 Nebula Options,Star Projector

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Bring the Beauty of the Galaxy to Your Favorite Spaces With the Twinkonaut!

The dazzling stars and the beautiful night sky won’t feel so far away with the TwinkoNaut galaxy projector and nebula night light. This bestselling galaxy star projector projects realistic images of the sparkly solar system!

This portable star projector will make you feel closer to the stars. The high quality galaxy projector can turn any room into a majestic galaxy-like space to help you feel relaxed – like you are literally escaping the world even for just a moment.

This mini astronaut galaxy night light can make your bedroom, game room, nursery, and entertainment hub feel like it’s engulfed in a magical nebula. It sets the entire mood of your favorite rooms and turns them into enchanting, exciting spaces.

Need IG-worthy shots and videos? The TwinkoNaut can turn up the vibe and aesthetics of any room so you can create jaw-dropping content!

Why You Need the TwinkoNaut in Your Room!


The mini nebula projector and night light is winning more and more people with these benefits! Here are some advantages of getting a TwinkoNaut for your room!

  • The galaxy projector brings a tender and romantic atmosphere into any room.
  • Get a beautiful galaxy aesthetic to your favorite spaces.
  • The projector comes with two control methods to give you the most convenient remote control experience.
  • Includes an automatic timer feature.
  • An excellent gift for both kids and adults!
  • Affordable and easy-to-use.

TwinkoNaut Star Projector Features

Time to do away with boring old night lights – it’s time to make a switch to a galaxy night light that features an intergalactic showcase of nebulas and stars to help you feel like you’re shut out from the world, and you’re worlds away! 

The Best Galaxy Projectors with 3x Clearer, More Excellent Images!

With the TwinkoNaut, you can get a crystal clear, and 100% realistic image of the galaxy and the nebulas! The projector uses a laser transparent convex mirror which makes the projection more high definition.

Ultra Cute Design That Gives You More Aesthetic Options!

The astronaut’s appearance design is novel and unique – it makes you feel like you’re closer to the solar system with the design. Echoing the starry sky and galaxy theme, and takes you to explore the vast starry sky. The hands of the astronaut is also movable – allowing you to set-up different projections and light angles.

Choose from 8 Different Nebula Effects!

With just one projector, you can choose from various galaxy images with different contrasts and hues of colors!

Stable Lunar Base 

This Starry Sky Projector is equipped with a strong detachable lunar base allowing the astronaut starry sky projector to be placed stably without worrying!


The Projector with Two-way Controls

The starry sky light has two control methods – the back button and the remote control. These settings help you adjust the speed and the brightness of the nebula, and switch the timing settings.

Adjustable Head Angle

The astronaut’s head can be rotated 360° with magnetic function, allowing you to project the nebula anywhere you want without restriction.

Automatically Set the Timer on How Long the Projector will Work

This star projector is equipped with a timer giving you a deep sleep at night without worrying! The timer has two options – 45 minutes and 90 minutes.

What’s Inside the TwinkoNaut Galaxy Projector? 

  • 1x PIWI – Astronaut Star Projector
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 1x Remote Control( battery not include)
  • 1x Manual