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SafeCam DashCam with Built-in G-Sensors for Cars, and with 1080 HD Resolution

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

SafeCam DashCam with Built-in G-Sensors for Cars, and with 1080 HD Resolution

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Dash cameras – also known as dash cams – have received a significant increase in demand during the past years. This specially-designed camera meant to record all the events on the road comes with a lot of perks. Included in the benefits of having a dash camera are better confidence on the road, having enough evidence when accidents happen, and added security! If you are looking for the best dash cams to buy this year, check out SafeCam!

SafeCam is one of the top-of-the-line dash cams that offer more than just capturing images and videos. This dash camera comes with a high-quality camera that records videos in 1080P and 720P resolutions – you can be assured that this is the best dashcam to buy if you’re all about crystal clear captures! The camera also includes a 170°+ 140°wide field of view with strong night vision that captures images in a brighter setting than what you can normally see. With an ultra-accurate G-Sensor and advanced algorithm, this camera can sense movement and instantly captures anything that might be doubtful or out of the ordinary.

With all these functions, you can never go wrong – it’s one of the ultimate investments for car safety and care.


  • The camera comes with a dual recording function. If you’re looking for dashcams with dual camera, The Safe Cam can do that. The dual dash camera can simultaneously record videos with a resolution of 1080P and 720P from the front and rear respectively, it can clearly capture images and videos of license plates and road signs. Users can choose between 720P & 1080P to record longer footage and save room on the SD card.
  • The SafeCam dash camera can capture a wider range! This dash camera includes a 170°+ 140°wide field of view . This car and motor camera can capture images which are brighter, have higher contrast, and can record more important details in different light environments.
  • A dash camera that can record security issues! The SafeCam comes with a built-in, well-tuned G-Sensor and advanced algorithm that allows it to record suspicious people around your vehicle as well as scrapes caused by careless drivers that might cause harm to your ride. The internal battery will monitor your car 24/7, even when the engine is off. Better security functions help users restore the evidence needed.

Emergency Recording Made Possible by the SafeCam Dash Camera. 

The built-in G-sensor will automatically capture a 22-second video when it sense suspicious movements! The dash camera with G-sensor can record evidence efficiently – the automatic recording overlap offered by this device can secure your emergency records!

The Best Night Vision in a Dash Camera!

The SafeCam comes with a STARVIS sensor which helps the camera capture license plates clearly at night. This top-rate dash camera also features an advanced WDR technology which improves the overall exposure to create a well-balanced image, capture greater details in the dark, and avoid blown highlights.

Dash Camera with Motion Detection Feature

If you’re worried if your car is prone to burglars or suspicious people, the dash camera automatically turns on and starts recording.

Compact Size Dash Camera Perfect for Traveling!

Although the SafeCam dash camera is super lightweight, it boasts of a 3.17 inch widescreen.The camera will only occupy a minimal part of your windshield. . The powerful suction cup prevents the driving recorder from falling off the windshield.

Easy Installation

This dashcam comes with a 21ft(5.5 m) rear camera cable, long enough for most vehicles. The installation is easy – the package includes a pry tool to help you hide the cables.

Package Include

  • 1*Dash Camera
  • 1*Use Manual
  • 1*Car Charger
  • 1*Suction Cup(Strong)

Tip:The best TF card is 32G, please don’t use 64G.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
erin R. Carroll
Works great!

I bought this for peace of mind. It tucks neatly behind my rear view mirror, out of view. Setup was easy. My video is of a close call, but today somebody backed into me and claimed I was at fault. The video clearly shows the scene and has absolved me of liability. It's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

elena J. Hendrick
A very professional company

SafeCam offers some of the best value Dash Cams around. The night vision work well and the camera can be set to watch your car for 12+ hours in parking mode. There are a lot of useful option on their Cams. I had a issue with my unit 6 months after I got it, their service rep walked me through some options, which didn't fix it so they are sending me a upgrade model for free. I own 3 different Dash Cams and for the price these are the best bang for your buck. I have been saved by the Dash Cam in a small incident. The video proves I was in the right of way as the other car was going the wrong way.

louise mitchell
Surprisingly better then expected

I really like this camera, very easy to install running the wire through my truck interior was a breeze, powered it up , had no problems since..the HD quality makes the screen easy to see both day and night..I would definitely recommend this to a friend..
Imagen del cliente

Christopher mcAlpin
Well worth it

Good quality camera for the price, Good video recording front and rear camera. I really like it it automatically power on when i start the car and power off the camera when turning off. That means it records every time the car is moving with out been doing that manually. Over all good, this is a good camera with out breaking the bank. Totally recommended.

I checked a video taken at night and the quality and sound clarity was very good. This is really a lot of dash cam for the money!

Connie Slaton
Easy installation and great features

This dash cam was easy to install/mount, and conceals well under the windshield. I like this one especially because unlike the bulky ones I tried in the past that would fall down from heavy weight, this one is lightweight causing it to stay up nice and firm. You can tell it is stable and will stay put even when driving on rough roads. It also has a slim profile that does not interfere with driving. Video quality is superior due to the clear optics of the camera LCD screen, which makes it easy to see what is happening on the streets. You also have a rear view camera for additional protection. Overall this camera encompasses all that a dash camera needs and some more so it’s great value for the price.