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RecMode Front And Rear Dash Cam Surveillance with 1080 Resolution

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

RecMode Front And Rear Dash Cam Surveillance with 1080 Resolution

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Dash cams have become a necessity for drivers who want to feel more safe and secure while they are on the road. The best dash cams have saved thousands of drivers from losing major accident settlements, and compromising their cars! When it comes to the best dash cams in the market this 2021, one product should always be under your radar – the RecMode dual-cam dash camera.

RecMode is a dashcam that comes with a built-in 4.0 inch LCD screen that provides a large, wide-range visual when you are reversing. The RecMode’s gravity sensor is impressive – when it detects a collision, the video automatically locks and ensures that it will not be overwritten. Some of the best features of the Recmode include motion detection, seamless loop recording, 6G Lens, Date Stamp, WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), and Rear View Shots. With all its features, it’s a great offer that can protect you and your car from all sorts of accidents!


Front and Rear Dash Cam 1080p Grey Full HD Car Dash Camera Front and Rear

If you are involved in a car accident, you will always have a recording of what happened as RecMode is one of the dash cameras that instantly records all the actions on the road. It’s also a car camera that helps you capture videos of your road trips!

The front and back cameras of the RecMode makes the device a great surveillance Camera that will come in handy when you want a better parking security.

Our car dash camera supports a maximum of 1920×1080 Full HD video and has a 170° wide-angle lens that capture the whole road in  crystal-clear definition.

Front and Rear Dash Cam 1080p Grey Full HD Car Dash Camera Front and Rear

RecMode Features

  • The RecMode comes with a 4.0 inch LCD Screen – The RecMode helps you capture the fullest details! The ultra Clear 4.0 inch LCD screen allows you to enjoy a larger and clearer picture for recording and for navigating.
  • The camera includes a built-in G-Sensor – The RecMode comes with a built in G-sensor. When the gravity sensor detects a collision, the current video will be locked, ensuring the important video is kept protected. The locked video containing critical evidence will be kept safe from being overwritten.
  • This product comes with various features that will give value to your purchase! The RecMode is value for money – it has features that include Motion Detection, Seamless Loop Recording, 6G Lens, Date Stamp, WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), and Rear View Recording.
Front and Rear Dash Cam 1080p Grey Full HD Car Dash Camera Front and Rear
  • The camera works just as well at night time, thanks to its high-quality night vision design. Combined with a big aperture and wide dynamic range(WDR), you can get comparatively clearer day footage and image at night. Car license plates can be easily seen in low light conditions. The safety of driving at night will be improved a lot.
Front and Rear Dash Cam 1080p Grey Full HD Car Dash Camera Front and Rear
  • Keep recordings safe with loop-recording. Loop-cycle recording saves the storage space efficiently. The Advanced H.264 photography compression technology keeps high-quality videos and ensures you won’t lose any precious recording!
  • The RecMode dash camera works for any climate. Built to withstand extreme heat and cold for reliable use, wherever you live.
  • You’ll love how easy this is to install! Motion Detection, Seamless Loop Recording, Parking Monitor satisfy your need for daily driving. Simple installation and operation, no need to worry even for a first-time user.
  • The rear camera is waterproof.  Rear Camera Lens is with 4 LED lights, automatic fill light when reversing.
Front and Rear Dash Cam 1080p Grey Full HD Car Dash Camera Front and Rear

Features of Our Best Front and Rear Dash Cam :

  • One of the most user-friendly dash cameras in the market. Easy to mount and ready in just 10 minutes! Just plug it in and the smart dash cam will automatically starts to record when your car is turned on.
  • You can record in high quality! RecMode Car Dashcam with 3″ 1080 FHD screen, 170° wide-angle camera will help give you recordings in full detail.
  • The G-Sensor will help you never miss a thing.With a built-in G-sensor and polymer lithium-ion battery, the car dashcam continuously monitors the surroundings 24 hours whether the car is on or off, recording collision or motions (within 10 feet) in front of the car and auto-locking the video to protect evidence.
  • No need to always change memory cards! Car Dashcam does loop recording so no worry about getting your miniSD card full.
  • The most reliable dash camera in the market! Well-built device with quality materials. Car dashcam operates in tough conditions from -4°F – 158°F (-20°C – 70°C).
Front and Rear Dash Cam 1080p Grey Full HD Car Dash Camera Front and Rear

The purpose of the dashcam is to carefully record every detail that takes place both on the road and inside the car, and it can be used for a variety of purposes. It is also the strongest and most efficient proof you have for defending yourself, in case of a car crash. 🚘💥🚗


  • Camera: Quality ABS Texture
  • View of Angle: 170° wide angle
  • Maximum video resolution: 1080FHD (1920 x1080)
  • Support card:TFcard
  • High dynamic range: on/off
  • Motion detection: on/off
  • Gravity sensing: off/high/medium/low
  • Parking guard: on/off

Package Included:

  • 1 X 4 Inch Car DVR
  • 1 X Stand
  • 1 X Rearview Camera
  • 1 X 2.5mm Rearview CameraCable
  • 1 X Car Charger
  • 2 X Screw
  • 1 X Sticker
  • 1 X User Manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
armando M. watson
Great, easy to use dash cam

After looking over several dash cams, I went with this one mainly for its ability to store footage onto its own cloud system. It’s super easy to use, and set up is quick. I don’t have to take out the SD card and upload to view anything. After my drive it’s all immediately viewable and shareable from my phone. I love this feature. It’s so convenient. It automatically deletes old footage so you never have to worry about missing a moment of recording. The quality is superb, I’ve had several people tell me it looks very clear and crisp. I really have no complaints, the phone app the pairs with the camera is great and easy to use as well. Well done.

Jennifer Z. webb
Great Support Team

I got this dash cam sever days ago. I had an issue on the first time setup that the camera turn off by itself in one minutes. I contact the tech support by email and got the response very quick to show me what I maybe miss on the setup. It's solved my problem immediately. The camera works very well now. Thank you for the support team.

Patrick R. Lawton
GPS, Quality.

This dash cam is great, has GPS mounted to the mount, looks like a solid camera, has great video quality which is nice. The app is simple, it works if u know how to use a smart phone. Rear camera is great, much better than 720p.

craig Rose
Great tool to use for safety!

I’m excited to finally have a dashcam. I’ve been wanting one for years because there are just crazy drivers on the road and you never know what’s going to happen. It’s a great since of security to have it in case of an accident to have it all recorded. The setup itself was pretty easy. You just out the adhesive sticker on the dashcam and position to see where the best spot is (I was able to put mine right behind my rear view mirror which was perfect because I can’t actually see the dash cam so it doesn’t obstruct my view). the entire product is great. The picture is very clear!

Gina hughes
Nice cameras, nice display, fairly easy to use

This is a really nice dash cam with a good clear picture even at night. It's got a really good mounting system not like those flimsy ones with just a suction cup. This one has a good sticky backed mounting area so you really want to make sure you plan on where to put it because once it's up you don't want to have to move it. It'll be stuck on good. I like the bigger wider screen than my previous one and it has picture in picture so you can see the back camera and the front at the same time. You can also change the settings though if you just want to see the front. comes with a bunch of different features and lots of ways to customize how you view and use it that I'm still exploring but it is easy enough to install but if you need to you can just plug and play.