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MemVib Voice Activated Audio Recorder with 50 Hour Long Battery Life and 16 GB Recording Device with Playback Features

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

MemVib Voice Activated Audio Recorder with 50 Hour Long Battery Life and 16 GB Recording Device with Playback Features

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

The Voice Recorder With an Impressive Recording Time of 50 Hours, A Noise-Cancellation Feature, Ultra Sensitive Microphone, and Hi-Fi Speakers for Great Playback 


The MemVib comes with a battery capacity that has you covered should you be needing a long-lasting recorder that can last the entire day! This voice recorder comes with a noise-cancelling technology that removes any distracting, muddling background sounds. The microphone also comes with a feature that prevents audio loss so you can enjoy your recordings without getting disappointed with the sound.

With crystal clear recordings that works even if the speaker is 15 feet away from you, and long-lasting battery capacity that lasts for up to 50 hours, you can trust on the MemVib for your schoolworks, presentations, notestaking, and interviews.


Features & Specifications

  • Perfect for: Portable Audio Recording
  • Excellent Quality Audio Recording
  • Up To 284 Hours of Recording Storage
  • Battery Life: About 50 hours Recording and up to 35 hours playback
  • Voice Activated Recording Capabilities
  • Tiny Portable Digital Voice Recorder
  • Easy One touch Recording
  • Date and Time Stamp Software Pre-loaded
  • Sampling rate: 32KHz/64KHz/128KHz/192KHz/384KHz
  • Headphone Interface: MICRO-Mike Connection Control 3.5pie Stereo Jacket
  • Max Recording Files: 999 Files
  • Battery Type: 3.7V Li-ion 250mAh
  • Dimensions: 1.6 x 1.4 x 0.4 Inches
  • Memory Size: 16GB

  • PROFESSIONAL FEATURES – Up to 284 hours of recording capacity. There are no noises or indicator lights while recording. Choose from either continuous or voice activated modes. 50 hour Battery Life, Date and Time software is pre-installed. Adjustable audio gain. One hour fast charging. Adjustable VOS sensitivity and audio gain. Quick and easy one touch recording.
  • EASILY LISTEN TO YOUR RECORDINGS – When you are ready to listen to your recordings You have three options. Simply connect to your computer to listen to the audio files or use the optional OTG cable to listen on your “OTG capable” android device including smart phones and tablets . Recordings can also be saved to your computer, SD card, thumb drive etc. and/or deleted from the audio recorder. You can also listen with the included earphones.
  • VOICE ACTIVATED RECORDING – Set the recording device where you want it, and then forget it. It’ll turn on the next time it hears sound thanks to it’s voice activation feature. When the sound stops, the little audio recorder goes into a sleep mode to save battery life.
  • SENSITIVE MICROPHONE – Specially built with adjustable gain to capture very faint audio and audio at a distance as well as your everyday audio recording needs.

Popular Uses:

  • Record Important Meetings – Ditch the pen and paper and keep a detailed audio record.
  • Record Interviews and important conversations – Easily record interviews, presentations or conversations with this voice activated recorder
  • UBS Flash Drive – Use the 16GB of internal memory to take important files with you anywhere
  • Take Notes on the Go – Record notes while you’re out easily with this tiny audio recorder. Even in a car

Packcage Includes

  • 1 x Digital Voice Recorder
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x USB cable