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ZipZoe Women’s Warm Thermal Leggings with 8 Heating Zones

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

ZipZoe Women’s Warm Thermal Leggings with 8 Heating Zones

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Winter Ain’t Tough When You Have the ZipZoe On Your Side!

It’s crazy how winter can upend the way you do life. When the chilly days come, it’s easy to give up working out, adventures outdoors, comfortable trips outside the house, and even socializing. Oh, if only there’s a way to stop the cold from taking over your life during the winter.

Well, what if we tell you that there’s something you can wear to make winter a little bearable? With the new line of ZipZoe heated pants for women, you can experience a better winter. You can make your outdoor activities, your favourite trips, your socializing events, and your workouts without having to mind – or endure – the cold!


The ZipZoe Difference

What makes ZipZoe a standout in the heated pants market? We have several reasons!

  • Features the latest design in heated pants.  The ZipZoe comes with high-quality carbon heating fibre and TPU heating sheets that help provide top-notch heating quality all the time.
  • The most comfortable pants in the market. The top part of the ZipZoe comes with an elastic closure to help secure pants in place. The pants are also made from high quality, stretchable fibre.
  • The heated pants come with 8-point heating areas. With an 8-point heating capacity, the ZipZoe provides heat and warmth at the right places so you won’t ever feel uncomfortable.
  • The stylish heated pants can be worn like regular pants. Pants that are worth being included in your next OOTD.



ZipZoe Features

  • Excellent Warmth Quality Against the Winter Cold
  • High-Quality Fabric For the Ultimate Comfort
  • 8- Point Heating for Warmth That Heals. 
  • Great Pants for all Types of Activities
  • Can Be Charged via USB

Size Chart

  • S:length:35.4in,waist:25.5in
  • M:length:36.2in,waist:26.3in
  • L: length:36.8in,waist:28.3in
  • XL: length:37.4in,waist:30.3in
  • 2XL: length:37.9in,waist:32.2in
  • 3XL: length:38.5in,waist:34.2in

Package Included:

  • 1 x Electric Heating Trousers


  • Plugin the mobile power, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds, warm up, and adjust to the medium temperature. It would be best if you always connected the portable power when heating. (Product does not include mobile power)