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XyxoDor Cigar Humidor Made with Real Cedar

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XyxoDor Cigar Humidor Made with Real Cedar

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Keep Your Cigars in Top Condition with the XyxoDor


The Taste of Cigar Heaven

Cigars that have been properly stored inside a topnotch humidor have flavors and kicks like no other. Keeping cigars fresh, high quality, and aromatic requires a humidor with proven and tested seal. A humidor that keeps the right Relative Humidity for your cigars can help you relish your favorite picks for a longer time.

This is what XyxoDor is made for – to keep your precious cigars in topnotch quality. This humidor is made of real cedar wood helps build the right humidity inside to prevent cigars from drying out or getting too wet. If you want soothing, special cigars all the time, having the XyxoDor cedar humidor is a must.

Why Choose XyxoDor

  • The humidor is handcrafted from the finest authentic Spanish cedar wood with a beautiful walnut finish. 
  • The size of the humidor can store up to 25 cigars in one go.
  • The cedar cigar humidor box includes a humidifier, hygrometer, and mini movable divider to keep your cigar nice and moist for a long time.
  • The box is appropriate for the cooler environment. You won’t have to worry about the box getting damp, damaged, and rotted.
  • One of the best gifts for men, women, elderly and good friends.
  • The humidor cigar box that is perfect for traveling!


  • Product color: Red
  • Material: Cedar wood
  • Product size: 10.2*8.7*2.7inches
  • Surface technology: Carving Craft
  • Product capacity: holds about 25 cigars
  • Applicable: Travel, outdoor, mountaineering


  • Please do not wipe the inner box with a damp cloth to avoid the inner box from cracking; the humidifier can only store distilled water and moisturizing liquid, please do not pour other liquids in to avoid the cigar box failure
  • Due to the use of different shooting tools, slight color errors may occur
  • Due to manual measurement, please allow 1-3cm deviation, please refer to the actual product

Package includes

  • 1 * Cigar Box
  • 1 * Humidifier