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WarmSteer 4 IN 1 Electric Car Heater for Demisting and Defrosting

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

WarmSteer 4 IN 1 Electric Car Heater for Demisting and Defrosting

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

The Portable Car Heater for Colder-day Drives

It’s Tough to Drive When It’s Cold – The WarmSteer Helps You Drive Better

When the cold gets tough, even the drivers inside their cars can’t endure it. When the cold becomes too much, having an electric mini car heater can come in handy. The WarmSteer understands that drivers need a fuss-free, easy-to-use, portable car heater that does the job done. From demisting the windows to defrosting the ice that has settled on your windshields, the WarmSteer is the device you will need for extra comfort and added safety while you are on the road.


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The WarmSteer comes with 4 functions. WarmSteer brings a bang to your buck. This impressive car heater can defog and defrost any traces of cold around your car. During the winter, you can turn on its defogging function, defrost operation, and heating capacity. But you won’t need to throw your device away. In the summer, the WarmSteer becomes an electric fan for more comfort while driving. 

This device can help eliminate driving dangers! You don’t need to compromise your safety! The WarmSteer can defrost and defog windows so you can see the road clearly! 

One of the fastest-heating car heaters in the market. After turning it on, you only need to wait for 10 seconds before the air turns hot. The airflow for this device is continuous, allowing you to enjoy faster and more efficient defogging and defrosting benefits.

The most multipurpose car heater in the market! This versatile heating device is trusted by sedan owners, SUV drivers, and even truck and jeepney owners. If you’re driving cross country, the WarmSteer is the RV car heater you need!

Easy to install car heater with smart design. It’s only a breeze to install the WarmSteer – it won’t even take more than 20 minutes. The smart design of the car heater also comes in handy – you can conveniently hold it while you turn or rotate the heater around.

The design comes with a 360-degree rotatable angle. The rotatable angle enables both passengers and drivers to blow the desired cool wind or warm air.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS
  • Power: 120W
  • Volt: 12V/24V
  • Size: About 13×9.8x6cm/5.11×3.85×2.36in
  • Line Length: About 110cm/43.31in
  • Size: About 10×7.2x12cm/3.93×2.83×4.72in

Package Included:

  • 1 x Car Heater


  • 1. Please allow a 0.5-1 inch difference due to manual measurement. (1inch=2.54cm)
  • 2. The color of the actual items may slightly differ from the listing images due to different computer screens. Thank you for your understanding.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Ken M. Yates

This little heater was a necessity for my car because part of my heart stopped working and one side of my car stays cold. It is not loud and it does work well. I just wished that it blowed the heat farther than it does, but it does a decent job.

Jacob Oviedo

Just got it and tried it out and it does work decent , not the best but better than nothing if your heater is out . Only will defrost like half of your windshield but it works and I recommend it if you’re in a pinch .

John Jordan
Outside is well made and it is quite

I have another fan that looks the same, but it is very noisy, so I bought this one hoping it would be quite. It turned out to be very quite. I mounted it in the center of my truck dashboard. It does help keep the frost off my windshield. I wish it had a little more power, but it will work until I find a stronger one.

Sarah R. Torres

The unit is light weight, easy to use, and it has a switch to cycle between normal wind/warm air. It does warm up quickly, and placing it near you windshield defrost/fog it nicely. If you're looking to use it to heat your vehicle, this is NOT what you want. The mounting options are screw it to your dash

Carrie james
the heat does work and gets good and hot

i tried this out in my older vehicle that takes longer to produce heat, it works better than i actually thought it would work, i didn't think the air would get as warm as it does, if you cut it on when you are warming your car in the mornings in enough time, it will thaw your car out better than just using the car system, especially if you have a car old like mines that takes a while to warm up, go get it!