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Triaxial 3-in-1 360° EMF Multimeter, Electromagnetic Field & Room Temperature Reader

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Triaxial 3-in-1 360° EMF Multimeter, Electromagnetic Field & Room Temperature Reader

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



3 Functions in 1 Device

With a built-in electromagnetic radiation sensor, this device can display the radiation values on the clear LCD digital display screen in seconds through the control microchip.

✅ Magnetic Field
✅ Electric Field
✅ Room Temperature

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Why Choose The Triaxial 3-in-1 360° EMF Multimeter

  • This device can measure the magnetic and electric field strength of household appliances such as a television, a microwave, etc.
  • This device is suitable for pregnant mothers, ordinary families, electrical companies, etc.
  • This device is easy to use and convenient to carry around.
  • This device has a high-sensitivity sensor to guarantee accurate readings.
  • This device has multiple functional features such as an audible alarm indicator, low battery indicator, data hold indicator, and automatic shut-down function.

Product Features

  • 3-in-1 EMF Meter – Measurements of the magnetic field radiation, electric field radiation, and room temperature.
  • Multiple Units Conversion – Shows measurements in mG/µT/(V/M)/℃/℉.
  • Compact Size – Easy to carry and operate with one hand.
  • LCD Display – Large and clear, easy-to-read values.
  • Flashlight Function – See the values clearly even in the dark.
  • Data Hold & Max Measurement – Locks the data on display.
  • Sound & Light Alarm – Automatically alarms when the test result exceeds the safe value.
  • Wide Applications – Measures radiation of electrical wires, computers, and appliances such as TV, induction cooker, rice cooker, refrigerator, etc.

Product Specifications

  • Material: ABS
  • Electromagnetic frequency response range: 5hz to 300hz
  • Electromagnetic intensity range: 0.1mg to 199.9mg
  • Resolution: 0.1mG
  • Alarm threshold: >4.0mg
  • Accuracy: ± 15%
  • Electromagnetic intensity range: 0.01-19. 99uT
  • Resolution: 0.01uT
  • Alarm limit: 0.4uT
  • Accuracy: ± 15%
  • Electric field strength frequency response range: 4hz ~ 3.5ghz
  • Electric Field Strength Range: 1 ~ 1999 V/M
  • Resolution: 1 V/M
  • Alarm limit: >40 v/m
  • Accuracy: ± 15%
  • Temperature range: -20~60℃
  • Accuracy: ±2℃
  • Power supply: 3 x 1.5v aaa battery (not included)
  • Size: 220 x 60 x 55mm/8.66 x 2.36 x 2.16in.
  • Weight: 170g / 6.01oz

Package Inclusions

  • 1 x Electromagnetic Radiation Detector (EMF Meter)
  • 1 x Users Manual