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T-REX Chroma Color Correction Glasses with Case for Red-Green Color Blindness

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T-REX Chroma Color Correction Glasses with Case for Red-Green Color Blindness

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Witness the world in vivid red-green hues with the T-REX Chroma Color Correction Glasses!


  • Accurate and comfortable color correction. These glasses can help you with your red/green color blindness problems, color vision disorder, and color weakness.
  • Enhance your daily life with this stylish pair. The T-Rex Chroma will allow you to have a better perspective. There is no need to fight with indistinguishable greens and reds anymore.
  • A trusty optical assist accessory. These color correction glasses are made to assist the retina, not a cure for color blindness or to pass professional control tests.
  • Help someone you love to see vivid colors. This is a great and unique life-changing gift for people who have red and green blindness to see the world differently and more colorfully.
  • Experience the true beauty of the world. Use outdoors for scenic views and indoors for fun activities, such as watching TV, playing video games, surfing the internet, and much more.

Do You Or Someone You Love Need The

T-REX Chroma Color Correct Glasses? 

Kindly remember that color blindness is NOT a uniform disease.

The T-REX Chroma Color Correction Glasses has only one mission, to give the colorblind community the ability to see the true beauty of the world.

Color blindness is caused by mutations in the color sensing transmembrane proteins located on the cone cells in your retina. This mutation might occur in different cone cells or amino acid residues in a protein of the same cone cells.

In other words, the disabled spectrum windows and the severance may be totally different from person to person. Therefore, different people may have different experiences with the same pair of glasses.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: T-REX
  • Model: BP-3
  • Style: Full Frame
  • Lens Function: Anti-Radiation
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 5.3 x 5 x 1.5 in.

Package Inclusions

  • 1 x Color Blind Glasses
  • 1 x EVA Case