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StrokeSync Pen with Voice Recorder

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StrokeSync Pen with Voice Recorder

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Recording Efficiency… On the Palm of Your Hands

Most voice recorders are bulky, too obvious, and too singular in its purpose. If you’re always on the run, and you need a recorder that can immediately help you capture the most important details, you need a recorder that’s lightweight, easy to use, efficient, multipurpose, and won’t be a hassle to bring out when needed. These crucial purposes are what inspired the creation of the StrokeSync – a revolutionary product that combines the purpose of the pen and a handy voice recorder.


  • Capture information in the very moment. The StrokeSync comes with a built-in automatic voice detection function which allows the recording the voice when it detects audio, and auto-records and saves. All important details of courses, interviews, and conversations will be clearly and completely recorded – you won’t have to miss any important detail!
  • Includes a one touch-operation. Say goodbye to voice recorders that are such a hassle to turn on and use. With the StrokeSync, the recording goes back to its beautiful simplicity. The StrokeSync is easy to use – just tap the pen cap to start recording immediately, press again to quickly end the recording and save, then you can face the emergency calmly.
  • Includes an internal memory that is always ready for whatever you need to record. This mini recorder has a 8/16/32GB capacity. You can quickly and conveniently download your recorded files to a PC (Mac/Windows) by unscrewing the pen and plugging it into the USB input on your computer.
  • Optimum recording quality. The pen includes a built-in lithium rechargeable battery that can support up to 20 hours of continuous recording. Quality-wise, the StrokeSync is superb. The dual sensitive microphone and professional recording IC, support up to 256Kbps PCM recording, provide a super clear recorded voice. Automatically save when the battery is low, and never lose files.
  • A lightweight companion! Only 1.62 OZ made with anti-rust metal shell, beautiful look with the perfect coats. The voice recorder to its good quality, full protection with anti-fall strongly.

A Pen That Offers Convenience – Thanks to its One Touch Operation!

Put the pen in your pocket or just leave it out in plain sight. No one will ever think your pen is a recorder – it’s concealed efficiently!  You’ll capture conversations taking place as far as 45 feet away from the pen, which a regular audio recorder or smartphone can’t do. The sound quality is superb – you’ll hear everything clearly. Comes in handy for undercover agents or for surveillance tasks.

Voice Activation & Long Battery Saves You Time

The best part of this pen is the voice activated recording. If there’s no sound near the pen, it goes into a sleep mode. It’ll only tapes when it hears sound, which saves you a ton of time from having to skip over tons of silence to find the conversation you want. It’s also helpful because you don’t have to worry about turning it on right before talking – just leave it on all the time.

The 16-hour battery is recharged when you plug your pen into a computer. You also save power with the voice-activation feature, which means it’ll last longer before needing to recharge.

When connected to your computer with the included cable, you can also listen to your new audio recordings. Do whatever you want with the sound files – send them to someone, or just save it to your computer. The pen has 1GB of storage which is enough to hold up to 71 hours of audio.


  • Recording Format: WAV
  •  Music Playback Format: WMA/FLAC/MP3/APE/OGG etc.
  •  Battery Recording Time: About 12 hours
  • Battery: 100mAh lithium battery
  •  Memory Capacity: 8GB to 32GB(Specific to the actual product)
  •  Recording method: Voice Recording
  • RecordingQuality: 384kbps,192kbps,128kbps,64kbps,32kbps
  • USB Interface 2.0
  • Working Temperature: 0 to 45 degrees
  •  Headphone Jack: 3.5mm, dual-track
  • Noise-signal Ratio: 80db
  •  Size: 142*11mm(L*W*T)(Specific to the actual product)
  •  Net Weight: 37g
  • Compatible System: Windows 2000&above
  • Use for: Daily, Meeting, Training, Study

Package Included

  • 1*Voice recorder
  • 1*English user manual
  • 1*USB Cable
  • 1*Headphone

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Terri R. Piatt
Great pen!! Needed this in my life

Im pretty impressed with this pen!! With a regular pen its hard to write down notes when you are in a meeting and the person talks too fast , but with this pen you can record and never miss any important words !!! And nobody will know you are recording .. this is just genius !! Battery life span is good and so far dont have any problems . want to buy 1 more for my daughter in school

jeremy C. lrizarry
Super discrete and it works wonderfully!

I bought this recorder because my dad is developing dementia, and I want recorded evidence I can show his doctors where he won't be claiming he never said something that he said. I do sometimes use a larger, less discrete recorder, but I can't take it out of my pocket quickly and start recording when my dad starts talking for example, about how he had lunch yesterday with someone who's been dead for twenty years the way I can with this. This little device solves all of these problems. The sound quality, especially for a recorder of the size, is really excellent. I'm giving it five stars.

michelle S. Rodriguez
Not Bulky, Very Thin Pen

Was surprised how thin this recorder pen is and how lightweight it is as well. Older style pens like this were bulky and limited battery life.

You will need to charge this pen to full battery, but if you follow directions from the user manual, things should setup very easy. I am very happy with this purchase. Five out of five stars.

Jessica L. Shirley
Bye Bye Spouse

Well people always trust your intuition. If you catch someone lying about dumb things, or having a friend who is an ex, walk away right away. For years he told me they were JUST FRIENDS. Turns out he's been having an affair this entire time. Sucks that I had to go the these lengths just to find out that I could've trusted my intuition all along.

Side of cushion on the couch. Leave for a night. Answers.

Daniel J. wheeler
Surprising projects, spying device

you have to be really swift when you're trying to hide recording devices and you have to be unnoticed. I'm super impressed with how I was able to get this device in and out of it hidden place and how high the audio quality was. This is the best device ever if you want to know if someone is cheating on you.that is what i want to tell you