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SparkoSong Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone With Voice Recorder, Voice Disguiser, LED Lights and Universal Compatibility

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

SparkoSong Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone With Voice Recorder, Voice Disguiser, LED Lights and Universal Compatibility

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Spark the Party Fun and Make Memories with the SparkoSong Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone with LED Lights, Voice Recorder, Voice Disguiser and All-Around Compatibiliy

Parties Are Never The Same Without Music – Go for the SparkoSing LED Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone!

Are your parties driven by music? Do you love hanging out with friends and singing with them? Now, you can let music bond you while you create memories with SparkoSing.

This 3-in-1 karaoke microphone has it all – a voice recorder if you want to record the fun singing times; a voice disguiser that can add a twist to your singing sessions; and LED light effects that can really turn the party up!

A wireless karaoke microphone that you can bring anywhere, the SparkoSing will help you create new memories with music together with your friends, family, loved ones, kids, and acquaintances!

The SparkoSing is for You If…

🌟 You’re looking for a karaoke microphone with a recorder. With one click, you can record all your favorite singing sessions with family and friends. All these recordings will be stored inside a 32-GB memory card.(not include memory card)

🌟 You want a high quality karaoke microphone with no cracking, jumpy sounds. The 3-layer filter of the SparkoSing prevents any cracking, screechy sounds from happening. You will only get the most seamless sound output.

🌟 You prefer a karaoke microphone that picks up voices efficiently. The SparkoSing includes a condenser microphone that is highly sensitive to sound, it picks up sound immediately.

🌟 You are looking for a karaoke mic with extra effects. A voice disguise feature is also included in the SparkoSing to make your singing and recordings a little extra.

🌟 You want a mic that lights up. Turn the party up with bright, sparkly lights. The LED light effects of the SparkoSing makes any event more party-worthy.

🌟 You are looking for durable karaoke microphones. The build of the SparkoSing is designed to last for a long time. It’s heavy, not easily breakable, and does not crack on impact.

SparkoSing Karaoke Microphone Features

Designed with professional karaoke features. Comes in handy if you’re after the highest sound quality.  The SparkoSing uses top-notch DPS tech and layers of foam nets to better capture voice input and reduce noise. The built-in speaker in this karaoke microphone is also very powerful, it is great for having parties or giving live speeches.

The karaoke microphone comes with three impressive functions – as a recorder, a voice disguiser, and a karaoke mic! The main function of this Bluetooth microphone is to help you party up! Apart from making you enjoy karaoke wherever you are, it can also record your songs, and act as a voice disguiser.

Comes with four connectivity ways – Bluetooth connection, Cable connection, TF card connection, and USB connection. You just need to connect your phone with cable or Bluetooth, then connect it into an app on your phone. You can also use the cable and USB ports for connectivity.

Clear sounds from the best filters of this karaoke mic. The SparkoSing is made with 3-layer filters to eliminate any noise, crackling, and buzzing sounds. You will get the best sound output.

Dynamic LED lights that dance with you! The SparkoSing comes with LED light effects which flicker with music and your singing, creating a live environment and making your time singing more interesting.

Long-lasting karaoke microphone that can last up to 4 hours when fully charged. Built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery with long-lasting. 3-4 hours of continuous usage with a fully charged.

Easy to use – This Bluetooth microphone isn’t complicated to use at all. There are only a few easily understandable buttons such as the sliding buttons for mic volume and remix, +/- buttons for speaker volume and switching songs, etc. Once connected to your device (or TF card, flash drive), it’s party time!


  • Color:Black/Rose Gold/Blue/ Grey / Pink /Gold
  • Frequency Range:100~ 10khz
  • Battery Capacity:1200mA
  • Connection Mode:Bluetooth/AUX Cable/,TF Card/USB
  • Applicable Places: Family, KTV, Outdoor, Car, Stage, etc.

Package Included

  • 1 x Wireless Bluetooth Microphone
  • 1 x USB Power Cable
  • 1 x User Manual