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ProFinder Real-Time Location Car Tracker, GPS Tracking Device

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ProFinder Real-Time Location Car Tracker, GPS Tracking Device

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



If you’ve been searching for a professional GPS tracking device that helps you accurately find out your current location, lets you track your vehicle when you’re not around in real-time, and is reasonably priced, look no further. Our ProFinder Real-Time Location Car Tracker is exquisitely crafted to meet all of your tracking needs with a sleek silhouette. Made from premium ABS materials and a cutting-edge mechanism, it’s designed to provide effortless GPS tracking and offer a range of other functions for a better driving experience.

ProFinder Real-Time Location Car Tracker is a must-have gadget for your own vehicle, as a mobility service provider, or as a business owner. It’ll also make a great, practical gift for beloved family and friends.


  • Accurately track and record your car’s location in real-time by plugging in your ProFinder Real-Time Location Car Tracker into the car cigarette lighter port.
  • After fully charged, even if your car is not running, it can track and record continuously for up to 2-3 hours.
  • Features a live audio recording to let you hear what’s happening around your car at certain locations.
  • With a total power of 2A, the dual cigarette lighter USB charger is able to charge two devices simultaneously at full and lightning speed.
  • Includes USB interface, GPS and Beidou support, plus base station positioning for more efficient navigation and better signal coverage.

For a successful tracking experience

  • A 2G Micro-SIM card needs to be inserted for the device terminal to work properly. (SIM Card Not Included)
  • Download and install the free APP on your Android or IOS smartphone for easy and convenient real-time tracking anytime, anywhere.
  • Please note that a slight drift in the map position will occur if the tracking device is placed in a much-concealed location or indoors. Totally enclosed spaces and thick metal walls will also affect the signal.


  • Colors: Black
  • Material: ABS, electronics
  • Size: approx. 7.20X4.40X2.70cm
  • Working voltage: 12-48V DC
  • Positioning party: global GPS and Beidou support
  • USB output: 5V DC 2A
  • GSM module: MTK6261D
  • GPS chip: AT6558D
  • GSM frequency band: 850MHz/900Mhz/1800MHZ/1900MHz.
  • Installation method: car cigarette lighter port, plug, and play

Package Inclusions:

  • 1x Car GPS Tracker
  • 1x User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Patricia Jones
Excellent product, maintained in place during high impact accident.

I cannot give a high enough review of this product. My daughter was tboned by another driver and thanks to this device I was able to locate my daughter without her giving me direction. The device stayed in place despite this high impact accident! Thank you for making a high quality product.

Lori Moncrief
This is the right one!!

We purchased this to put on vehicle for our daughter. We love it she hates it.

Travis Caple
It works!!!

Bought it because I suspected my wife of cheating. Took 24 hours to catch her leaving and work and going to some guys house for 3 hours!! Going through a divorce is fun fun fun!! Product worked phenomenal!!!

Jesse Holmes
A must have!!

This is a must have for any guy with a beautiful wife or girlfriend as they get hit on 100 times a day. It seems every guy I run into, it's the female who is cheating these days. I was able to catch my wife cheating as I suspected but could never prove it. This unit works like a charm and is very easy. Thank you for saving me from a long life of misery and giving her a new life with a complete loser :)

Sherri Brown
Works great for me

Great product, found out my husband had a normal 8 hour shift and was never working over time