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Penarc 3D Pen with LCD Screen

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Penarc 3D Pen with LCD Screen

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Feed your child’s creativity with Penarc High-Tech 3D Pen.

Here’s a fun and exciting way to teach your kids practical life skills—introducing the Penarc. This 3D Printer Pen enables you and your child to create unique masterpieces within minutes. By creating different designs, artworks, and other items they believe is essential to achieve a task, the Penarc helps parents like you to foster creative thinking to your kids that will play a critical role in their problem-solving abilities once they grow up.

Fun. Engaging. Educational.

Equipped with colorful filaments, the Penarc 3D Art Pen lets your child mix and match colors to create the perfect toy. Not only that, the Penarc is also extremely easy to switch between colors for a fun and convenient playtime.

With its compact design, this 3D Doodle Pen is extremely ergonomic and easy to hold on to. This way, your child won’t have any trouble with maneuvering the 3D Drawing Pen and bringing their ideas to life.

Creativity for Everyone!

Best out of all, the professional 3D Pen is fun for both kids and adults—making it a great bonding activity for the whole family. Enrich your child’s artistic side by transforming their imagination into something tangible with the Penarc 3D Pen.


  • EASY TO USEOur 3D Printer Pen comes with multiple accessories that make it more convenient to use. All that you have to do is to insert the filament into the 3D Art Pen and start creating your masterpiece.
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATUREEquipped with a temperature adjustment knob, the heat of the 3D Doodle Pen can be fully controlled. This way, you’ll be able to manage how much the filament is dispensed for better safety and use.
  • EDUCATIONALThe Penarc 3D Pen is not just an awesome toy, but it is also extremely educational. It has the ability to develop your child’s creativity, strengthen their grip, and enrich their motor skills.

Package Content:

  • Color Box
  • 3D Pen * 1
  • Adapter * 1
  • USB Cable * 1
  • Manual * 1
  • 36 meters of 12-color trial supplies * 1 (random color)
  • Base * 1
  • Finger Cots * 2
  • Shovel * 1
  • Picture Album * 1
  • Copy Board * 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Tom Curtis
Perfect for 10 year old

Bought for 10 year old grandson. He has been making many things

Nicole Odom
Fun and easy

It was easy to use. My dad and my kids loved it. You can make flat pictures and 3d models depending on your skill level.

Love it

Got this for my 12 year old daughter she absolutely loves it, her brother is 10 and they both send hours making stuff with it, best gift ever

Pete Taylor
Daughter is 10 years old and uses this every day to make fun things even butterfly.

Daughter is 10 years old and uses this every day to make fun things even butterfly.

Dawn Phillips
Super easy & good quality for the price.

I got it for my fiancé because he’s always making stuff & he LOVES IT. The filament is pretty cheap & he’s been making things non-stop. So easy to get the hang of!