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PaxtopWrap Fast Heating Heated Scarf with USB Port for Powerbank Charging | 3 Heating Modes | Wool and Polyester Scarf | Continuos Temperature Control Prevents Burns

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

PaxtopWrap Fast Heating Heated Scarf with USB Port for Powerbank Charging | 3 Heating Modes | Wool and Polyester Scarf | Continuos Temperature Control Prevents Burns

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Imagine you can use a heated neck pillow or blanket even when you are outdoor and still look like you’re wearing a normal scarf!

High-quality Fabrics: The Winter Scarf‘s outer front is polyester wool fabric, skin-friendly and soft, anti-wrinkle, non-ironing, and non-balling. The back is long-staple cotton fabric. The Heated Scarf interior is filled with cotton, which is breathable and has double warmth.

There is a USB socket inside the invisible zipper. Heated Scarf BMS power management system, real-time monitoring, and feedback of the heating film temperature, precise control of the temperature suit in the comfortable range of the human body.

3 Temperature Adjustment:

This USB Thick Scarf is 3-second quick heat. There are 3 temperature adjustments, and the temperature setting is 30~55℃, Energy-saving and constant temperature, and safe explosion-proof.

3 Thick Scarf Styles Available: There are 3 Winter Scarves for Women & Men colors for your choice: Winter Scarves for Women pink creates a warm feeling, light gray neutral all-match, Winter Scarves for Men dark gray low-key calm, one-key switch three temperatures, efficient warmth cashmere scarf.

Winter Warm Scarf: This Winter Womens Scarf (Also for men) can transfer heat energy to the deeper parts of the human body, promote blood circulation, intelligent constant temperature, no radiation risk, energy-saving, and electricity saving.

Heated Scarf Features: 

  • Comfort to Wear & Washable – Made of soft material.
  • Heating Quickly – No need to wait too long to get warm.
  • Fashion Double-sided Design – You can wear it in a lattice or plush side.
  • Far Infrared Technology – Improve Blood Circulation & Relieve Muscle Stiffness.
  • Adjustable Temperature – One-key Switch Operation for 3 levels of temperature.
  • Constant Temperature Control – Don’t worry, it won’t hurt you because of overheating.

Package Included:

  • 1 x  Electric Heated Scarf
  • 1 x 7000mAh Power Bank

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
joseph K. Burns
Heated Scarf really takes the chill off!

I like to sit outside and smoke a cigar most evenings, and this time of year it's in the high 40s and low 50s around here when the sun goes down.

I sometimes use a small space heater to make it bearable, but adding this self-heating scarf is a game changer - I tried it the last couple of nights and it's really made a difference.

It has three setting, and I've found the medium setting is just right for me - I was so comfy last night that I kept it on while I walked to the mailbox.

janet A. Adams
Great for northerners

I live in Buffalo where it is cold and snows a lot. I was looking for something to keep me warm because hand warmers can only do so much. This scarf was worth the purchase. There are 3 levels. It can be easily worn under a coat, used to relieve a stiff neck, or I even wrapped it around my waist for lower back heat. You can use it as a scarf but also wrap it around any sore or tight body parts to loosen the muscle ache. I am looking forward to using this when I go skiing and it will definitely make brushing snow off my car in the morning a little less miserable!

ida C. Baber
Good Product

I love this little heating pad: it's well made, does exactly what it's meant to, is easy to recharge the powerpack and is flexible enough for any body part, not just the neck.

ryan R. Peterson
Exactly what my Dad needed

My Dad has scoliosis and cannot hold his head up straight without pain He was using a heating pad for the pain but it kept falling off his neck. So I bought this for him and he wears it around the house and also wears it to physical therapy. It works exactly as it says it does. He has had a lot of comments about it, and people are saying they they want to buy it for their dads or moms or even themselves. I recommend this for anyone who has neck pain and or is always cold.

Bettie P. Wagner
My new favorite accessory - So cozy!

I've been using this for two weeks now and love it! It's lightweight, extremely soft, and I really like having the different heat settings which makes it versatile for different uses. I originally got this to use during my daily evening dog walks and it keeps me nice and toasty with or without a sweater. It's also perfect for our family's regular boat outings - no more freezing in the wind out on the deck.