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PathCheck 360-Degree, Voice Alert (English and Russian) 16 Band LED Display Car Radar Detector

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

PathCheck 360-Degree, Voice Alert (English and Russian) 16 Band LED Display Car Radar Detector

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

PathCheck: Safely Reminding You on What’s Ahead

When driving, you may get a little distracted or too focused in a conversation with friends sitting with you that you forget to pay attention to the radars, and that’s how you end up paying for expensive speeding tickets Every. Single. Time!

Going over the speed limit is one of the most common violations among drivers. It’s even one of the major causes of road rage, especially with high-anger drivers. Prevent this from happening to you, and enjoy a relaxing drive with PathCheck. This radar detector sends you an important reminder once you’re approaching close to a police radar gun. With a voice prompt that calmly tells you to slow down, you can save yourself from hefty overspeeding fines.

Our Car Radar Detector Works in Everything!

Be aware of all the radars ahead of you with PathCheck Car Radar Detector. It supports K and Ka radar frequencies, along with extreme range super heterodyne technology, to make sure you are never getting caught off-guard by hidden radars again! You will be alerted by voice and LED text for more convenience. All you need to do is install the car radar detector in your car and enjoy a safe and pleasant driving experience!

Say No more to Speeding Tickets and Order the PathCheck Car Radar Detector!

Why Choose PathCheck?

✔ It’s designed to help you drive safely by detecting all the radars in your path.
✔ It’s equipped with Extreme Range Superheterodyne Technology & Super-Fast Sweep Circuitry to detect stable and mobile radars 800-1500m ahead.
✔ It supports K & KA radar frequencies to ensure you never get caught again!
✔ Its highly accurate radar detector works efficiently to quickly detect radars within the vicinity to help you avoid expensive speeding tickets.
✔ Its Voice & LED text alert lets you know when you come close to a radar source without interrupting your while driving.
✔ It comes with an Ultra-bright LED that provides precise information about which band of radar is hitting you.
✔ It’s even equipped with a Bilingual radar detector that speaks both English and Russian for extra convenience.
✔ Its slim and elegant design will fit in any car interior.
✔ And it’s 100% easy to install and control as it requires no special installation or tools.

The Pathcheck Car Radar Detector Has Everything You Need to Say Goodbye to Hefty Overspeeding Tickets!

And as a special offer, we’re giving away this fantastic car equipment at 50% off so that you can get your own PathCheck right away. This little investment will come a long way in preventing you from going over the speed limit and paying for expensive tickets. Order now!


  • Material: plastic
  • Color: Blue, Black, Red
  • Weight: 170g
  • Size: 62*42*30mm/2.44*1.65*1.18″
  • Working voltage: car cigarette lighter 12V
  • Working current: 230mA
  • Working temperature: -30 to +70°C
  • Display Type: Digital tube display
  • Reminder type: live voice prompt
  • Language type: English and Russian
  • Applicable models: universal

Package List:

  • 1* Car Radar Detector
  • 1* Power Cord
  • 1* Anti Slip Mat
  • 1* Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Mary Nicol

The best detector I have ever owned.
Works better and further out than any I have previously owned.
Blue color is nice and visible in bright sun.

Edna Castillo
Love it

This saves me money since I can detect cops before they detect me. It works good for me, I’m very happy with it.

Toby Pinnock

A great detector at a great price. I have found it to be reliable and it has certainly saved me tickets on several occasions.

Donald Hoover

This radar detector is well worth purchasing. It performed beyond my expectations, I would recommend this radar detector to anyone in search of good item at a fair price. Thank you.

Mona Calderon

If only all stores were like this one, I underestimated it at first and now I am not replacing it everr!