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OrdaSola Heated Hoodie for Men and Women(Power Bank Not Include )

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

OrdaSola Heated Hoodie for Men and Women(Power Bank Not Include )

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Gear Up for the Cold with the OrdaSola Unisex Heated Hoodie!

When the days are starting to become colder, hoodies are an imperative choice. However, a regular hoodie may not be enough to battle the cold of the outdoors. When the chill has become unbearable and bundling up is ineffective and inconvenient, you can turn to a much better choice – a heated hoodie! 

If you’re looking for a heated hoodie for winter that has the top-notch heat capacity and stellar style, you can count on the OrdaSola unisex heated hoodie! This heated hoodie for men and women combines the heating function great for colder days, and a design that combines fashion with function!

The OrdaSola Difference

❄️ A stylish heated hoodie for men and women! You can get the warmth you need without compromising your style! The OrdaSola heated hoodie is an excellent OOTD addition!

❄️ The heated hoodie is made with the softest, most breathable materials. This heated hoodie is ultra-breathable and comfortable.

❄️ The best-heated hoodie with a top-notch heating capacity. The OrdaSola can emit heat from 105-degree to 140-degree Fahrenheit.

❄️ Safe, stylish, superior! This heated hoodie is one of the bestselling and most trusted products in the market. Raved by customers online!

Who Choose a Heated Hoodie? 

Why choose a heated hoodie over a traditional coat or jacket? Here are some reasons!

  • The heated hoodie comes with a breathable fleece liner for added warmth.
  • You get adjustable heating power.
  • Guarantees to deliver warmth and comfort.
  • The best pick for brutal, super cold winter.
  • Compact and comfortable – it’s just like a heated hoodie with additional heating benefits.
  • Great gift for a loved one!
  • Perfect for cold weather, fishing, hunting, outdoor activities.


OrdaSola Features

  • The heated hoodie comes with 5-Graphene Heating Elements. The secret of the OrdaSola is in its heating materials. The OrdaSola comes with graphene elements for a quick and efficient warmth.
  • The hoodie generates and distributes warmth fast. You won’t have to wait for a long time to feel the heat. The OrdaSola generates and distributes heat in as fast as 20 seconds.
  • You can adjust the heat in three ways – low, medium, high. The range of the heating capacity of the OrdaSola is between 105-degrees F and 140-degrees F.
  • Easy to use – the jacket features a one-button operation. You can have access to all of OrdaSola’s features with one touch of a button.
  • High Capacity . The high capacity battery allows you to feel quality heat all the time.
  • It lasts up to 8 hours when fully charged! Get warmed up outdoors with OrdaSola!

Size Chart

  • S:length:26.77in,waist:40.15in
  • M:length:27.16in,waist:42.12in
  • L: length:27.55in,waist:44.09in
  • XL: length:27.95in,waist:46.06in
  • XXL: length:28.34in,waist:48.03in
  • XXXL: length:28.74in,waist:50in

Package Include

  • 1*heated hoodie (Power Bank Not Included)


Before cleaning, please take out the mobile power supply, put the control cable in your pocket and zip it up. When using it again, make sure that the USB interface is free of water, dry it, and avoid short circuits.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
donald R. Parker
My Dads Favorite Birthday gift

I purchased this hoodie for my dad as an inexpensive alternative to the Milwaukee Brand heated hoodie and I’m glad I did! This hoodie is much, MUCH softer than it’s more expensive counterparts. The inside and shell are both soft and tightly woven to help keep the wind out. The heat settings are in a comfortable range, the charging and washing instructions are easy to understand.I would recommend this hoodie to everyone, and I have been.

Eddie gayhart
Washer safe, heats good

I love this coat, on those really bitter cold days it’s amazing to have as long as you made sure to charge it the night before. It really does help if you hate the cold like I do.
I have washed it a few times / I was worried, but I take the battery out, zip up it’s pocket with the cord in it, and wash it regular on cold, then put in the dryer on regular hot heat and it has survived just fine still works perfectly. Have used it for 2 winters now!

Megan wilson
Wish I bought it sooner!!

Heats up very fast! I absolutely love thisheated hoodie and wish I would have purchased it sooner! I love the heated pockets, too! I've worn this in the stands for football games and marching band competitions and everyone around is always curious about it and wishing they had it when they see how toasty warm I am.

Overall, I absolutely love this hoodie. I tell everyone about it and it does work incredibly well and fast. We're talking within seconds I can feel the heat! It's a must have item!!

mervin peterson
Great Product! Highly recommend

This is my very first heated hoodie and I honestly don’t know what took me so long to purchase one! I’m always cold especially with the changes in season and this past week this hoodie has been a life saver. The jacket is a very nice material inside and out. The inside is super soft. The abdomen and back heated sections are great as well. Definitely recommend this product!

Kathlyn hiltner
quality at its finest!

Bought this heated hoodie for my significant other. She loved the hoodie. It was extremely warm and had the warmers in all the right sections you’d want. Fit really well and was a heavy heated hoodie
Definitely a great purchase for someone who’s always cold but wants/needs to get things done.