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NeroCap Unisex Heated Hat for Winter Sports and Winter Activities

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

NeroCap Unisex Heated Hat for Winter Sports and Winter Activities

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

The Heated Hat that Keeps Moisture and Cold Away From Your Head All Through Winter!


Get The Most Needed Warmth To Your Head with the NeroCap

Truth about bundling up during the winter is that even though you put on layers and layers of clothing and blankets that can warm you up, you will still feel awfully cold when your head isn’t getting proper warmth. Beanies are definitely must-haves during the winter season, however, they can sometimes not be enough to battle the chilly cold whooshing through your head. Good thing is that we now have elevated beanies – heated hats that can turn up the warmth so you can enjoy your winter activities and tasks more! 

One of the heated hats you can splurge on is the NeroCap – a heated beanie for men and women.

Why Choose NeroCap

Why should you throw your regular beanies in your bins and go for the NeroCap? Simple – this heated beanie provides warmth like no other.

  • The design of the NeroCap provides the optimum heat distribution around the head. The heated hat provides a large coverage of warmth. 
  • The heated hat features far infrared compress that makes use of minimum of energy to create heat perfect for even the coldest days. 
  • The NeroCap comes with three settings for heated levels – low, medium, and high.
  • With the NeroCap’s intelligent temperature control, you won’t have to worry about getting too hot, or too minimal heat. 
  • The comfortable material of the NeroCap makes it a perfect addition to your winter OOTD! 

NeroCap Features

  • The heated beanie that features far infrared technology for better heating. The unisex heated hat uses minimal energy to produce high-quality heat that can be easily distributed all around your head..
  • The fluffy knitted hat is comfortable and skin-friendly, with the safe carbon fiber far infrared heating sheet inside to keep you warm and retain heat in chill winter.
  • 3 heat settings are available for you to choose from. You can opt for low, mid, and high heat depending on the weather.
  • Hand wash-compatible heated hat. You won’t have to worry about hand washing the beanie.
  • Suitable for outdoor work, outdoor adventures, ideal gift for all ages!
Power bank is not included to the package due to air freight restrictions. However, you can use whatever power bank you have to charge the heated hat.