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MinoBox Shockproof, Leather Flip iPad Air Case

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

MinoBox Shockproof, Leather Flip iPad Air Case

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Built to Provide Maximum Protection. Zero Hassle Use.

Keep your iPad colorful yet protected with some help from our MinoBox Shockproof, Leather Flip iPad Air Case. It allows you to adjust volume easily and lock your iPad without having to take it on and off. This is the perfect protective case that effectively blends aesthetics and security in a one, easy-to-use, and protection-focused case. The case was specifically designed in a way to fully protect the iPad without sacrificing aesthetics. With strong built-in magnets, it’s easy to set it up as a stand.

Secure Your Device with MinoBox

Guard your device against drops, dirt, and scrapes. This case’s flip leather front, plastic frame, and soft silicone lining are the perfect deterrents for unwanted accidents. Don’t let simple mishaps from damaging the beauty of your priceless investment. With MinoBox, your iPad is 100% protected without sacrificing its aesthetic. Feel good, look good while keeping your iPad safeguarded!


  • Convenient Magnetic Stand with Pen Slot
  • Built-in Front Flip Cover
  • Adjustable Magnetic Stand With 7 Angles
  • Rugged Bumper TPU + PC Shell for 360 5FT Drop Protection
  • Sleep/Wake Function with insert two cards
  • Material: Leather + PC + TPU
  • Type: Folding Folio Case

All-in-One iPad Air Case

Experience accessibility like no other with MinoBox iPad Air Case. The MinoBox comes with strong magnetism that makes everything seamless. It also comes with a dedicated pen holder and card pockets for extra convenience. Crafted with user experience in mind, the MinoBox fits perfectly well with your iPad, giving you a protective case that’s smooth to handle and does not jam any buttons.

Your Device All-Around Protection

The MinoBox delivers everything you need to protect your iPad’s aesthetic and longevity. It comes with shock proofing feature that prevents unwanted accidents from denting or scratching your iPad. There’s also a Honeycomb grid with heat release to ensure your iPad won’t overheat when used extensively.

Package Contents:

  • 1 X Protective Case