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Lireo Portable Electric Space Heater

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Lireo Portable Electric Space Heater

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



This Winter, Say Goodbye to Drafty Rooms and Welcome Warm and Comfy 24/7.

Gone are the days of cold shivers and dual warmth comforters in your bedroom. Make the most out of your weekends off with Lireo Electric Space Heater and enjoy non-stop feel-good heat to combat the discomforts of the winter season.

The cold could never get into your skin with its fast heating and 1000W of power. You’ll just enjoy every second you spend lounging in a warm and toasty room regardless of how hard the snow falls outside.

Compact and Powerful

Yes, the Lireo Space Heater can efficiently fill any space with safe and comfortable warmth—without the surging electricity bill. And to make it even more realistic, it comes with a flame heating effect to imitate the comforts a fireplace can bring to any room. Easily control your desired temperature to ensure the heat hits the sweet spot whenever you’re working or lounging on your comfy couch.

Quiet and Fast Heating

The Lireo instantly produces heat without the need for pre-heating. It’s noiseless, too, so you can relax without interruption. Moreover, there’s a series of horizontal hot air blocking points at the top to make the wind direction more even and stable—giving you top-notch support whenever the cold gets unbearable.

Multi-Protection Safety System

Our portable space heater is highly accepted by many due to its excellent protection against overheating. It features an auto shut-down function triggered once the device exceeds normal operating temperature. This support allows you to enjoy the warmth and coziness the device brings with peace of mind.

The Lireo also comes with a remote control to quickly toggle between temperatures and to turn the device on and off at a distance. Hurray for extra convenience!

Excellent Design

The Lireo Electric Space Heater is designed with a classic mantelpiece, black frame, and glass front layout with vibrant details featuring blazing flames and wood. This display makes it an easy addition to your room’s accent that will surely keep your visitors in awe and comfortable.


  • Timing function: No timing
  • Rated voltage: 250v
  • Rated power: 1000W
  • Switch type: pull-wire
  • Size: 22.4*12.2*12cm

Package Content:

  • 1 x Electric Space Heater
  • 1 x Remote Control

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Elsie D. Morganti

I live in a 1918 farm house that sadly has no central heat or air so we live with window units in the summer and space heaters in the winter. The upstairs is one large room and it usually takes two heaters to keep it warm. I bought this one when one of the heaters I already had stopped working. It arrived 2 days before it was scheduled to. I was over the moon about that part. So I plugged it in and set the temp and walked away. An hour later the room was too warm! In the middle of winter!!! I was amazed!!! Needless to say, I packed away the other old heater and now just use this one and it keeps the room nice and cozy. I’m thinking about buying a few more.

Jeanette R. Romero

I love this item and have used it every cold day. Last winter I complained bc my house is so drafty and Im always cold. This year I just turn it on high and my living room stays warm and toasty. I love the little flame on the bottom. I set it on my hearth and it looks good and is stable enough Im not worried it will get knocked over.

Georgia J. Moore
Small but effective heater for a chilly or freezing room!

My daughter uses it in her room on campus. It’s perfect for cold winter days and warms up the room in minutes. Made a huge difference. I didn’t even know these heaters existed or that they would be so effective. Recommend. Delivery was good as well, delivered on time.

Theodore L. Jones
Tremendous heat for such a small unit!

This product is exactly what I was looking for to heat up my cold, cold bedroom. The heat in my house doesn't circulate well if I keep my door closed. I prefer to keep my door closed for privacy so my room was always really cold. Since using this heater my room is nice and toasty! No more icy hands or nose. The heater is very easy to use and doesn't take up much room.Would definitely recommend to heat up cold rooms.

Margie D. baughn
After turning it on for 2 min I bought a second one for my bedroom

This thing is amazing. I knocked the chill out of my room in less than a minute and now I’m nice and toasty!!
I ordinarily bought it for my guest room/ office but I decided I need one for my bedroom too.
Totally small enough to just move back and for, but for the price, why not get a second!
Love it!!