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LimahSpark Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner with 600-ml Capacity, Deep Cleaning Function, and 18 Present Cycles and Cleaning Modes to Choose From!

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LimahSpark Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner with 600-ml Capacity, Deep Cleaning Function, and 18 Present Cycles and Cleaning Modes to Choose From!

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Heavy-duty, Large Capacity Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner for Making Your Jewelry and Other Items Sparkly Again!

If you’re looking for an ultrasonic jewelry that can accommodate multiple items all at once (and not just jewelry!), you will love the impressive features of the LimahSpark Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner!

The Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner For Cleaning Small, Delicate Items Effectively. The LimahSpark Uses High-Frequency Vibrations to Shake Off the Dirt!


  • Household Jewelry Cleaner Ultrasonic Machine: This ultrasonic cleaner comes with ABS plastic shell, while having great tactile feeling; SUS 304 stainless steel liner provides good corrosion resistance, use any detergent/solution with peace
  • 40KHz Deep Cleaning Technology: With the powerful ultrasonic wave vibration of 40,000Hz, 35W. easily removes hard-to-reach stains from your valuables without damaging them; Perfect to clean jewelry, teeth, eyeglasses, earring, watches, diamond
  • Update Degas Function: Protect the products from being oxidized or having other chemical reactions with air in the cleaning cycle. Ultrasonic Cleaner adopts 18 selective cleaning modes (90s-30mins), touch screen enables you to operate ultrasonic cleaner smoothly and easily.
  • Large Volume Tank & Low Noise: 600ml Tank is adequate to thoroughly clean one or more items at once, saving you time and efforts; ultrasonic cleaner provide deep cleaning for a wide range of items

Easy to operate & LCD screen

  • Button design, easy to operate.
  • LED screen displays the remaining time.
  • There are five timer settings: 90sec to 30min.

Sturdy, portable and widely-used

  • The housing is made of 304 SUS stainless steel.
  • The product is lightweight and portable.
  • It can help you clean many items: jewelry, metal items, writing materials and many other goods like toothbrushes, braces and dentures.


Overall Size: 8.1x6x5.2in (206x152x132mm)
Tank Size: 6.1×3.7×2.1in (155x95x52mm)
Tank Capacity: 20oz / 600ml
Power: 100-120VAC 35 watts
Frequency: 40 KHz
Cycle Times: 18
Timer Settings: (90sec to 30min)

Package Includes

Ultrasonic Cleaner x1
Plastic Basket x1
Plastic Watch Stand x1
Instruction Manual x1

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Geraldine Roane
makes jewelry look brand new

I used this product on my wedding ring, earrings, bracelet and necklaces. It made all of them sparkle almost as good as it does after taking it for a cleaning at the jewelers. I had an old necklace I hadn't worn in awhile. It was so dark. I washed it a few times. The first time, it was still a little dingy. I washed it a second time and it sparkled like new. The picture above shows the necklace after the first wash on one side and after the second wash on the other. The other picture shows how much debri came off the necklace the second time. Seriously awesome product.

Concepcion Hack

Definitely recommend!! It left my engagement ring looking brand new, looks just like it would if I took it to get professionally cleaned. It’s very easy to use. If you’re thinking of buying it I would!

Vicente Crowley
Incredible Deep Cleaner!

I bought this for my wife but I love using it! Perfect size, easy to set up . WOW, my jewelry has not been cleaned like this in a long time. The operation is very quiet and results are great. Have only used it once will see how it holds up but very impressed.

Gilda crippen
Dirt No More

I am a dog groomer, and we often get super duty and/or matted dogs. So I have no choice but to use my blades on dirty dogs. However, ever since making this purchase, I have been able to keep my blades SUPER clean!! I now use this about once a week to clean all of them!

Debra hazel
Excellent product

I cleaned numerous pieces of jewelry that had not been cleaned in 20 years and was amazed at the results with just one cleaning. Much better than soaking solutions I have used in the past.