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Doorcraft Premium 2.4″ Peephole Camera

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Doorcraft Premium 2.4″ Peephole Camera

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Make The Easiest Step to Guarantee Your Home Safety with the Doorcraft Premium Peephole Camera.


Safety at home doesn’t have to be at an inaccessible premium. When it comes to securing the entryway, we’ve created the right solution for your needs as a homeowner. Easy to install, the Doorcraft Premium Peephole Camera serves as the first step to guaranteeing your safety (and that of your loved ones) at home. We’ve made security simple yet just as effective, with a compact, high definition camera that captures what’s happening by your door at a 90º angle.

About This Item

  • Discreet: with a similar design to a traditional cat-eye peephole
  • Clear Definition: 0.3 megapixel professional security camera that captures at a wide, 90 degree angle
  • A Camera With High Capacity Internal Storage: Monitor the outdoors from the inside, and save images more easily with the camera’s internal storage. No need for a memory card.
  • Long-Lasting: With a built-in 600mAh lithium battery that lasts

How To Operate

  1. How to Turn ON/OFF: Press the power or doorbell key to turn it ON. The camera will ring. To turn OFF, soft press the “power key” for 3 seconds and the device will switch off.
  2. Taking Photos: Press the doorbell key and the device will turn on and take a photo. You can also press the power key to take photos as well.
  3. Review Photos: When the camera is powered on, press the left key or right key to toggle between photos.
  4. Delete ALL Photos: When powered on, or when reviewing photos, press the left key for three seconds to delete all photos in storage.
  5. Delete Single Photo: When reviewing photos, press the right key for three seconds to delete one photo in storage.
  6. Set The Power Off Time: When powered on, press the right key for three seconds to select the power off time: 15s/25s/turn off automatically.

How to Install

  • Step 1: Choose a bolt from the screw kit that best fits the thickness of your door. Then screw the bolt into the screw hole on the barrel of the outdoor unit.
  • Step 2: Insert the barrel together with the FPC cable through the door peephole. Then, hold the outdoor unit of the door in the right direction.
  • Step 3: Take out the metal bracket (the “UP” arrow on the bracket indicates an upward direction) past the FPC cable through the rectangular hole. Pass the screw through the round hole of the metal bracket, then screw the bolt tightly to lock the metal bracket with the outdoor part.
  • Step 4: The four slots on the back of indoor unit are aligned with four hooks on the metal bracket. Buckle them up, and pull down the indoor unit to lock it tightly.


See what’s by your front door clearly with its  2.4″ high-definition LCD screen, along with a camera that has a wide-ranging 90º view.
H634c7f020ab44416b0cedf7a498d223aP.jpg (750×1233)


Fitted with 2 pieces of IR-LED (infrared LED) lights that let you see what’s outside more clearly, even in the dark.
H87f2dea28cd742318f0b03df54e92683m.jpg (750×690)


Press the doorbell key to turn on the device and take a photo. You can also take photos from inside your home, when you see someone by the door.
H5fd8aca4ee494ae28292ee9fe2cff4e3d.jpg (750×339)


  • LCD screen: 2.4inch
  • Vision angle: 90 Degree
  • Memory: Built-in cyclic storage (in device)
  • Camera Resolution: 0.3MP (320*240)
  • Temperature: -20°℃~55°℃
  • Door hole Diameter: 14-30mm
  • Door thickness: 35-110mm
  • IR LEDS: 2 PCS, 850nm
  • Indoor part: 80*80*13mm
  • Outdoor part: 60
  • Battery: 600mAh