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DashDow Tire Pressure Monitor System

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DashDow Tire Pressure Monitor System

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Tired of driving around expecting to have a great road trip and end up with flat tires? Keep this from happening by easily monitoring your tire pressure with the DashDow monitor system! It eliminates guesswork and alerts vehicle owners when one or more tires are under-inflated, potentially creating unsafe driving conditions. With this info, you will also improve your gas mileage, making it an important safety system in your car or truck, aside from the seatbelt.

Powered by solar energy, you don’t need to recharge it, saving you a lot of money. At the same time, you don’t need to follow complicated instructions as it sticks to your windshield for hassle-free installation. Start keeping you and your family safe with the help of the DashDow tire pressure monitor system.


Drive with Ease and Peace

Your wife or daughter can now drive at ease because they or you can monitor their tires’ condition regularly!

It’s important to know when your tires are over-inflated or under-inflated, as it can affect your vehicle’s performance, including its fuel efficiency and your family’s safety.


Charge and Monitor it Where Ever You May Be

Track your wheels with a DashDow wireless tire pressure monitoring system that can be solar-charged or USB-charged!

Additionally, It has a built-in sensor that detects your tires’ pressure & temperature, displaying the data on the monitor in real-time!


High-Quality and Your Safety is  Guaranteed

Driving with low-pressure tires can cause a tire blowout because the tire’s sidewalls flex more & heat builds up within the tire.

It also has six alert modes for fast air leakage, slow air leakage, high pressure, high temperature, sensor fault & battery low!

It’s a great car accessory to get for your family member who drives because it protects them from any danger, helps ensure proper tire inflation pressure on any car!



  • Clear Lcd Display – Shows clear information, so you don’t have to stop the car and squint your eyes to know if your tires are flat.
  • Real-time – Monitor pressure & temperature of 4 tires in real-time!
  • Alarm– low air pressure, high-temperature alarm, leakage, or low battery will play an alarm to capture your attention.
  • Intelligent Shock Boot – No need to turn on/off.
  • Easy to Install – Just stick it to your windshield, and you’re ready to go! No need for messy wires.


  • Charging solar energy
  • LCD display
  • Stick to the windshield for installation
  • Frequency: 433.92Mhz ± 50KHz
  • Operating voltage: 3.7-5 V.
  • Working temperature: -20 -75 ℃

Package Inclusion

  • 1*TPMS Sensor
  • 1*USB line
  • 1*nut wrench
  • 4*hex nut
  • 4*External sensor nut/Built-in sensor nut