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BrytTouch 7″ Inch Kids Tablet for Educational Videos, Games, and Learning Apps for Toddlers

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

BrytTouch 7″ Inch Kids Tablet for Educational Videos, Games, and Learning Apps for Toddlers

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

The Tablet That Helps Kids in Their Learning Efforts

Do you want your toddlers to not spend all their time on random, nonsensical videos on Youtube? Do you wish that their entertainment would be focus on learning, and developing new skills? It’s time to ditch videos and online activities that don’t bring benefits to your kids. It’s time to make the switch to the BrytTouch 7-inch kids tablet for educational videos, games, and learning apps.

The online world is now your kid’s virtual playground – and looking after your kids’ online well-being is as important as keeping an eye on them on actual parks and playgrounds. With all kinds of virtual threats online, you should never feel too safe about the apps and websites your kids are visiting. The BrytTouch is an excellent way of helping kids still have fun online, without the threat and danger of online predators, online viruses, and toxic online communities.

The BrytTouch is created for both boys and girls – the tab is made with high-quality system performance so there won’t be any blips and delays on your kid’s learning and entertainment activities. The tablet works as well as the other adult tablets in the market, so your kids won’t even feel the difference!


  • Simple operations and options for younger kids. Kids can easily feel overwhelmed when the operations are too complex. The BrytTouch is designed for younger kids (preferably below 4 years old) thanks to its utmost simplicity and fewer complex features. The icons are big, the response is fast, and the graphics are less overwhelming!
  • Great for Monitoring Kids’ Activities Online. The BrytToych comes with Parent Controls to help parents monitor online activities, check the app quality, customize activities for kids, and limit screen time.
  • Comes with Pre-Installed Games and Educational Videos. You won’t have to scramble online for the best online learning videos and games. The app comes with some.
  • Comes with Duo Camera for Recording Memories. The BrytTouch includes a front and back cam to allow your kids to record videos, and take photos. This is a great app for your little memory maker!
  • Includes an Ergonomic and High-Quality Tablet Protector. If little hands and fingers fail to protect the tablet from falling, the tablet protector comes in handy. It is made to endure shocks, bumps, and falls!
  • Parents can also use this tablet! The tablet is also appropriate for apps needed by adults – Zoom, Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn. If mom’s tablet runs out of batteries, the BrytTouch can be used!


  • Material: Plastic
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Age Range: > 3 years old
  • Battery: 300OMA
  • Resolution:1024X600 HD screen
  • Display: 7 inches original HD screen
  • Operating System: Latest Android Android 4.4
  • Processor: quad-core 1.6GHz
  • Storage memory: hard disk 4G
  • Running memory(RAM):512
  • Camera: 30W pixels after the first 30w pixels
  • Expansion card: Maximum support for 64G (TF memory card) size: length 240mm width 170mm thickness 80mm

Package lncludes:

  • 1X7″ Kids Tablet
  • 1XCharging Cable
  • 1Xmanual
  • 1XUSB data cable