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AutoHawk Primo OBDII Car Tracker, Real-Time GPS Tracking Device

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AutoHawk Primo OBDII Car Tracker, Real-Time GPS Tracking Device

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Monitor any type of vehicle, whether it’s a personal SUV, company car, or truck in real-time as if you’ve got eyes like a hawk with our AutoHawk Primo OBDII Car Tracker. You won’t have to worry about any missing data because its built-in high-sensitivity vibration sensor immediately alerts your linked account and automatically starts tracking as soon as the vehicle engine does.

Reviewing your vehicle’s route history, speed, parking time, and more are conveniently available for 180 days at a time. Simply plug in your AutoHawk Primo OBDII Car Tracker, log in to the app or computer program, and start tracking!


  • Easy-to-install and accurate monitoring. Features a plug-and-play OBD port with excellent positioning, location tracking, audio recording, and fence functions.
  • Vibration alarm. Includes a built-in high-sensitivity vibration sensor that immediately sends an alarm to your mobile phone or computer when the tracking device feels the vibration of the vehicle.
  • History track view. Review your current location, speed, direction, vehicle’s route history, and parking time anytime. These data are automatically saved within 180 days at a time on the linked platforms.
  • Multi-platform monitoring. View and track on the Android/iOS mobile APP and other computer viewing programs.
  • Includes GEO Fence Alert. Automatically informs you when the tracker enters or exits a configured zone.

For a successful tracking experience

  • IMEI and ID numbers are exclusive numbers, which cannot be changed anywhere in the world.
  • Only 2G GSM SIM cards can be used. Not applicable to 3G or 4G and CDMA SIM cards. (SIM card not included)
  • The GPS tracker has a 16-pin standard interface that can be used in most cars. You can check your vehicle for its OBD interface.
  • If your SIM card has a PIN, please do unlock the SIM card on your phone as the tracker will not be able to read the SIM card.


  • Colour: Black
  • Size: 50x38x26mm
  • Positioning method: Beidou + GPS dual satellite positioning
  • Positioning accuracy: 5 meters
  • Interface: 16PIN standard OBDII interface
  • SIM card: Only support 2G

Packing Inclusions

  • 1 x GPS Tracker
  • 1 x User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Lana Taylor
Simple. And it works.

I bought this to be able to track or locate my daughters car. She has short term memory loss and this has taken a lot of stress off her. She knows she can call me and I can locate it's exact position. I then find it on Google Maps and send her a pin! I am very happy with this device.

Roger Hensley
Easy and very detailed, great value for the price.

Used to track teen driver and manage their driving habits. Very easy to install, use and look at all of the details online. Would recommend to anyone wanting to know where there vehicle is at all times.

Stephen Segal
a very good product

I have been more than pleased with the product and support that I received since day one of purchase. I would recommend to any company who needs to know what takes place with their vehicles.

Dolores Busby
For peace of mind...

I feel a little guilty, but I bought this to track my 17 year old son who is a fairly new driver, and I just didn't think he was being straight up with me about where he was going, which he wasn't. I can't confront him without blowing my cover but it has definitely given me peace of mind. I won't leave it his car forever, but for now it helps me maintain my sanity. The tracking is very accurate, money well spent!!

Richard Mills
So easy to use!

Love the ease of use with this one. Just plug into your port where you read engine codes. It works flawlessly and is very accurate!