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AmiaRite USB Rechargeable, Electric Heated Vest for Skiing, Fishing, & Hiking

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

AmiaRite USB Rechargeable, Electric Heated Vest for Skiing, Fishing, & Hiking

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Stay Warm and Cozy This Winter With Amiarite.

Don’t let the cold stop you from doing the things you love in this chilly weather. Our AmiaRite USB Heated Outdoor Vest is the best way to keep you warm wherever you are, without the need for layering or uncomfortable thick clothes on top of each other. Made from high-end heated material that enables quick electric warmth without radiation, this heated vest delivers the heat you need to survive the frigid cold.

Not Just to Keep You Warm.

The AmiaRite is designed to help you sustain the freezing environment, including lessening the discomforts that come with it. The electric heating effectively transfers the heat from the waist, abdomen, and back to the entire upper body to keep you warm and cozy. But that’s not all. This heated vest also relieves any muscle pain and promotes blood circulation, which is necessary to maintain good health during the winters. So whether you’re working outside or training for your favorite winter sport, this heated vest is your go-to partner to overcome the cold.

Why Choose the AmiaRite?

The Best Combination of Comfort and Style

Beat the cold, not the looks. The AmiaRite is the perfect heated vest for both men and women who are conscious about their styling. This piece of clothing can get you through all winters yet keeps a decent look, whether concealed or worn on top. It has the type of style that doesn’t scream outdated, or there’s a battery inside.

Comfy Quality

This vest is made with a blend of polyester and carbon fiber. Thanks to the breathable polyester, this heated vest is soft and comfortable for the wearer. The carbon fiber provides an essential heating element to this clothing for better functionality.

Durable and not easily deformed. 100% water and wind-resistant—that’s the AmiaRite!

Cynthia, AmiaRite Expert

Efficient Heating Functionality

With 3 adjustable temperature levels (113°F, 131°F, and 149°F), this clothing offers practical heating. With one press of the power switch, this jacket provides the user with 8 hours of constant heat. It comes with 5 heating zones that warm up different parts of your body with 360-degree heating in a matter of seconds. Thanks to its quick heating and durable material, this piece of clothing offers a long service time for the user.

Portable Power

This vest is a true energy-saver. It can be operated through its built-in USB port connected to a power bank without wasting precious electricity.

Note: The AmiaRite does not provide a power bank in the package due to air freight restrictions. You can still use your old power banks to charge the AmiaRite on-the-go!

Good for Your Health

This jacket helps with activating various skin functions and promotes metabolism. It helps to warm the body, consumes excess heat, and increases blood oxygen and fluidity. It provides a more profound adjustment of physiological functions to avoid a sub-health state and restores the body’s vitality. Plus, it improves the body’s microcirculation, activates the meridians, and eliminates partial pain and inflammation.

Comfortable Wear

Lightweight and mobile, wear this heated vest with ease under any clothing. You can also wear it as a standalone jacket that looks highly eye-catching on both men and women.

Perfect for Outdoors

The AmiaRite is perfect to wear for different winter sports and keep yourself warm at all times!

Our AmiaRite Electric Heated Vest will give you plenty of warmth. It’s the perfect gift for sking, snowbarding, biking, hiking, motorcycling, and any outdoor enthusiasts. Share the gift of love and warmth these holidays with AmiaRite!

Size Chart

  • Size M: Length 23.22 in; Shoulder 13.77 in; Bust 35.4 in; Height 5.11-5.24 ft; Weight 88-110 lb
  • Size L: Length 24.01 in; Shoulder 14.56 in; Bust 37.79 in; Height 5.28-5.41 ft; Weight 110-126 lb
  • Size XL: Length 24.8 in; Shoulder 15.35 in; Bust 40.15 in; Height 5.44-5.57 ft; Weight 127-143 lb
  • Size 2XL: Length 25.59 in; Shoulder 16.14 in; Bust 41.73 in; Height 5.61-5.74 ft; Weight 144-159 lb
  • Size 3XL: Length 26.37 in; Shoulder 16.92 in; Bust 42.51 in; Height 5.77-5.9 ft; Weight 159-176 lb
  • Size 4XL: Length 27.16 in; Shoulder 17.71 in; Bust 43.3 in; Height 5.93-6.06 ft; Weight 176-192 lb


  • It is recommended to choose a freshman size for wearing a vest.
  • If you wear it next to the body, follow the standard size.


  • Color: Black.Size: M /L/XL/2XL/3XL/4XL
  • Material: Polyester Fiber.
  • Power: USB Charging by Power Bank (not included).

Package Include:

  • 1x Electric Heated Vest.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Mariana dominique
warm enough

I purchased this for my grandmother and it fits she perfectly. It’s very hot and keeps she very comfortable and warm.

Linda Bruce
Great for Fall/Winter Weather

Was excited to try this out. I generally do not like fall/winter weather and am the one who is freezing cold in my family at outdoor get togethers. I charged the battery pack and wore it for our outdoor game night this week. It lasted several hours and I didn't have to grab a heavier coat. Excited to keep trying this in colder days.

timothy Robinson
Great product

Light weight ,keep warm,love it!

Winter,it's too cold...
My friend recommended this heated vest, I am looking forward to whether it is really can keep warm and light weight .
Yes, it is really beyond expectations, I like it very much, I can wear it to do all sorts of things I like. Haha. . .

Candice fletcher
Great at keeping you warm

The vest is extremely great especially for cold mornings. I have just started to use this product and it is absolutely phenomenal. It makes and keeps me extremely warm at all times and generally really good. Since my mornings are really cold I always have this on in the morning. No real negatives about this product which makes me really happy. Highly recommend this product to everyone.

damon Prosperie
Warm and comfortable

The vest works great for added warmth when I work in the warehouse. I sit at a desk in the warehouse for hours at a time and this vest keeps me very warm and comfortable. The battery last about 4 hours at full heat and about 6 hours medium heat. The vest fits very well. I would highly recommend it to anyone that works in cold environments.